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There are many Disney World hotels for visitors to the Walt Disney World Resort complex to choose from. When picking from the Disney World hotels it is important to keep budget and personal preference in mind. Walt Disney World has provided guests with a number of Disney World hotels, so that every person can choose the right hotel for them. When picking from the Disney World hotels, it is good to know what is available to you. A knowledge of the Disney World hotels and their offerings can help you make a timely and educated decision when it is time to book your Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

Disney understand that the main priority for people who visit Walt Disney World is their budget. To accommodate this, Disney has structured its hotels in three tiers. You can stay at a value resort, a moderate resort or a deluxe resort. The more expensive tier of resort you pick, the more amenities it will have. Even if you choose to stay at the most affordable of the Disney World hotels, however, you will still experience the basic amenities the Disney World hotels are known for.

There are two main value resort complexes on Disney property. The first of the value Disney World hotels is the All Star Resort. This resort is actually three resorts combined into one. The Movies resort, Music resort and Sports resort all share the same central lobby and branch out over an extensive span of property. The theming for these resorts is a fun, over the top kind of decorative style that features larger than life pieces of artwork all throughout the property. If you are staying in the Sports section, for example, you may see large sports equipment or sports fields throughout the resort. There is a pool for each All Star resort as well and these pools are themed according to their specific resort. The Pop Century Resort is the newest of the value Disney World hotels. This resort is laid out in a similar fashion as the All Star and is designed after the various decades of American culture. For example, if you stay at the 1980s portion of the resort, the d├ęcor is fashioned after the style of the 1980s. This is a very large resort and is going to be getting even larger. Disney has plans to add more decades onto the Pop Century Resort as more and more people want to stay at the value Disney World hotels.

When you stay at a value resort you can expect certain amenities to be available to you. The first is the Disney Transportation. This amenity is found at all Disney World hotels and can be an extremely valuable service to you and your family during your Walt Disney World vacation. When you arrive on Disney property, you do not have to drive anywhere in the resort complex. There is complimentary Disney Transportation to the four major theme parks, the two water parks and the shopping complex. For the value resorts, the Disney Transportation is in the form of a bus system. You can get on a bus at your resort and get dropped off at the front of any of these attractions. The buses run for an hour or two after the parks close so you can be sure to get a bus back to your resort even if you decide to stay late and do some souvenir shopping at the parks.

Some of the other amenities included at the value Disney World hotels include a swimming pool. There generally is a pool for every section of the resort. The pools are pretty basic but have fun themes to them. You will also be able to dine at a cafeteria that is located in the main building for either of the two value resorts. At any of the Disney World hotels you can purchase refillable mugs that are designed for each individual hotel. If you choose to purchase one of these mugs, you can continue to fill them up at your hotel's cafeteria as much as you want during your Walt Disney World vacation. There will also be a souvenir store with merchandise designed specifically for your resort. This can be a fun way to remember your stay at the value Disney World hotels. As far as the rooms at these two resorts go, they are generally smaller than the other resorts and have basic amenities like a dresser, cable television and things like that. The rooms can hold four people and you can add a cot or a crib in if you need to.

The next pricing tier of the Disney World hotels is the moderate level. These resorts give park visitors a happy medium to choose from. If they don't want to pay for the full, deluxe treatment but want a few more amenities than the value resort provide, the moderate resorts are excellent options. Some of the moderate resorts include Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach and the Port Orleans Resort. These Disney World hotels feature not only more amenities but also a closer location to the parks and the action of the Disney World Resort complex.


Coronado Springs is a Spanish themed resort that features several branches of rooms that surround a man-made lake. This resort features a large ballroom complex that can be rented out for business or receptions. Some of the basic amenities included at this resort are coffeemakers and refrigerators included in the rooms. You will also have several things to do at the pool complex. There is a poolside bar where you can get drinks. You can also get your hair braided by a professional while you spend the day at the pool. The Coronado Springs resort is one of the popular Disney World hotels as it provides visitors with a fun, relaxing glimpse into the Spanish resort lifestyle.

The Caribbean Springs resort is similar to Coronado Springs. This is the biggest out of all the Disney World hotels and also one of the most popular. There is an extensive cafeteria dining area that includes several sit down restaurants as well. You can also spend the day at the fun pool complex that is has a Spanish and Caribbean theme to it.

The last of the moderate level Disney World hotels is the Port Orleans resort. This resort is actually two resorts combined together. The Riverside side of the resort used to be Dixie Landings. It features a plantation theme and evokes the feeling of a sleepy southern town. The French Quarter, however, evokes the feeling of Mardi Gras with festive rooms and a festive main lobby area. These resorts are very close together which is one of the reasons why Disney combined them together. You can choose whether you want to stay in the Riverside or French Quarter when you make your reservation for this moderate level hotel.

The rooms of the moderate level Disney World hotels are going to be larger than the value resorts. They will also include such things as a more defined closet and a minibar. Because these resorts are closer to the parks, the bus ride that the Disney Transportation system provides is much shorter. If you are staying at the Port Orleans resort you can even catch a boat to the Downtown Disney shopping center. You can generally expect at least one sit down restaurant at each moderate level resort in addition to the cafeteria style dining. The moderate level Disney World hotels are excellent compromises if you want to stay at a fun Disney hotel without paying a large amount of money for amenities you don't think you are going to use.

Many people, however, choose to go with the deluxe level Disney World hotels and they are able to make use of the many amenities included with their rooms. There are more deluxe hotels than there are moderate or value hotels. Most of the deluxe resorts are centered around the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The Epcot deluxe resorts include the Boardwalk, the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, the Swan and the Dolphin. The deluxe resorts near the Magic Kingdom include the Polynesian, the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian. There are also two other deluxe resorts, the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness Lodge. Each of these resorts contain some unique benefits as well as benefits that are shared by the entire deluxe category.

The Epcot resorts surround the waterway that connects Epcot and Disney's MGM Studios. Because they are on this waterway, you have multiple choices for traveling to either of these two theme parks. If you want to walk to either park from your Epcot hotel, you easily could. The walk generally takes ten to fifteen minutes to get to either theme park depending on where you are staying. You can also take the boat that runs between the two parks. There is a boat landing at each hotel and you can easily catch the boat and have it take you to the theme park of your choice.

The Boardwalk resort is one of the most popular out of the Disney World hotels due to the many activities you can do here. This resort is themed after the boardwalks in the early 1900s. It has a real boardwalk that lines the water on its property. All along this boardwalk you can shop, eat and watch performances. There are several sit down and counter service restaurants along the boardwalk. Restaurants like Spoodles and the Flying Fish give visitors several options to choose from. Sports fans can also watch the game at the ESPN Zone sports bar that is on the boardwalk as well. If you want to catch a show you can go to one of the two clubs that are located on the boardwalk. You can also catch street performers right on the boardwalk after the sun goes down. There are also several games you can play and snack carts that line the boardwalk as well. If you want, you can rent bicycles and surreys to ride around the Epcot resort waterway. These surreys are a fun way for the whole family to get in on the fun without renting multiple bicycles. There is a lot to do at the Boardwalk resort.

The Yacht and Beach Club resorts are right next to each other and share a lot of the same amenities. The main thing they share is the gigantic pool complex. This is one of the most popular pools on Walt Disney World property. It has a large water slide that is themed like a shipwreck. It also has a whirlpool, a lazy river and a sandy bottom pool. With waterfalls, multiple hot tubs and space for water sports, it's no wonder why this pool is one of the most popular out of the other pools found at the Disney World hotels. There are several things to do around this pool complex. You can get your hair braided, search for oysters, or take a nap in a hammock on the beach that lines the waterway. There are salons, arcades, ice cream shops and various other things to do between these two resorts as well. The Yacht Club features a nautical theme that is meant to invoke the feeling of being in an old and distinguished sailing venue. The Beach Club, however, is designed to invoke the feeling of being at a summer beach house. Whichever style you prefer, these excellent benefits that are shared between the two resorts make them popular Disney World hotels.

The Swan and Dolphin hotels, which are not owned by Disney, are elegant and upscale places to spend your Walt Disney World vacation. These resorts are owned by the Starwood corporation but are still considered to be Disney World hotels. They have a prime location being right in the middle of the Disney World Resort complex. You can still use the complimentary Disney transportation if you stay at these resorts as well. While they are not owned by Disney, these two resorts share a wonderful pool complex and a high tech conference center as well.

The Magic Kingdom Disney World hotels feature a variety of amenities as well. The Contemporary is the original Magic Kingdom hotel. It was designed to be an architectural masterpiece and is definitely interesting to look at. The main tower of the hotel is hollowed out to allow the monorail to pass through. If you stay at the Contemporary resort you can take this monorail to either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. You can also easily walk to the Magic Kingdom from this hotel. There is bus transportation to the rest of the Disney attractions. At the Contemporary you have a fun pool complex and a variety of top notch restaurants to choose from. If you go to the restaurant located at the top of the Contemporary tower you can get an excellent view of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Many people do this, however, so if you want to try this make sure to reserve a table beforehand.

The Polynesian is on the other side of the Magic Kingdom. This resort features an island theme and is home to a fun dinner theater. You can visit a traditional luau at the Polynesian resort. This luau is only offered during certain days of the week so be sure to make a reservation before attending. You can also dine at one of the many restaurants located on its property. This resort features many things like Hawaiian coffees and tropical meals. You can buy fun, tropical souvenirs that you cannot find anywhere else. Also, because this resort is located on the waterway that leads up to the Magic Kingdom, you can rent watercraft. You can usually rent watercraft at any of the resorts that are located on the water's edge. The rentals are by the half-hour and you can rent anything from a paddleboat to a pontoon boat.

The Grand Floridian is a beautiful resort located very near to the Magic Kingdom. This resort emulates the grandeur that was present in Central Florida during the early 1900s. The resort as a whole is very stately but still fun at the same time. This is the one resort on Disney property that also has a wedding chapel located on its property. Many guests choose to get married here. You can easily plan a Disney themed wedding from the horse drawn carriage to the Disney themed wedding cake. The Grand Floridian is a wonderful place to spend your Walt Disney World vacation.

Finally, the last deluxe resort is the Wilderness Lodge that is modeled after a Grand Canyon resort. This is a fun resort to stay at and is technically considered a Magic Kingdom resort even though it is a bit farther away than the other three resorts. You can take a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom and then buses to the other attractions. This resort has a hot spring that runs into the pool. It also includes several fun restaurants and other amenities to make this a good alternative to the deluxe Disney World hotels surrounding the Magic Kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is the newest of the deluxe Disney World hotels. This resort is located next to the Animal Kingdom and has a unique feature that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. This resort has a safari land built into it. You can look out your window and see animals roaming right outside. Your room will have a guide that can tell you about the animals that are roaming about outside. They may include animals such as buffalo, antelope, giraffes and many more. The resort features a variety of unique African themed restaurants. The buffet style restaurant is a good way to get a little taste of the various cuisines Africa has to offer while the various sit down restaurants have delicious African meals. There is also a cafeteria located on the property as well for those who want a quick bite to eat. The pool complex at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is also very nice and a fun thing to do on the hot Florida afternoons.

You may be able to find special deals on Disney World hotels if you know where to look. The official Disney website may have special discounts available during the low traffic season. You may also be able to get special deals if you hold an Annual Pass or if there are last minute promotions. There can also be deals found on the unofficial Disney websites. These sites often have discount codes that can help you knock some money off of your stay. If you are able to find discount codes, simply give them to the reservations' agent at the time you are making your Disney World reservation. If you are able to find any discount deals on the Disney World hotels you may be able to stay at a higher price level of resort than you otherwise could. Many people find the search process for discounts to be a fun and rewarding process. The search for discounted Disney World hotels can often be a fruitful one and is worth checking into.

When choosing from the many Disney World hotels, you may not know where to start. There are so many fun and exciting options that it can be hard to makeup your mind. If you establish a budget before you pick, you can help narrow down your choice. Disney instituted the value, moderate and deluxe price levels to help you pick which hotel best suits your budgetary needs. If you are able to find discounts to apply to your choice of hotel, you might be able to stay at a nicer resort. After you have explored all your options, you can make a pick based on preference. With so many styles and themes to choose from, you can then decide which of the many Disney World hotels is perfect for your Walt Disney World vacation.


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