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The Magic Kingdom is one of the most iconic theme parks at Disney World in Florida. This theme park is often the most popular as it contains a wide selection of classic attractions and rides. The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida contains thrill rides for those who like to live on the edge as well as more laid back rides for those who do not like them. The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida is an excellent theme park for people of all ages.

The main icon of the Magic Kingdom is also one of the main icons for the entire Disney World in Florida resort complex. Cinderella's Castle is located at the end of the Main Street promenade. This large castle complex is the gateway into Fantasyland where people of all ages can ride attractions straight out of Disney's most loved animated movies. While there isn't a ride inside Cinderella's Castle, there is an extremely popular restaurant called Cinderella's Royal Table. This restaurant is located in the heart of the castle and features a medieval theme. Almost all of the meals served at Cinderella's Royal Table are character meals. When you go to a character meal, you will be able to interact with a variety of your favorite Disney characters. At each character restaurant, you can encounter different Disney characters. At Cinderella's Royal Table you can meet all of Disney's most popular princesses.

There are a variety of rides at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida for you to choose from. These attractions are both new and classic. The rides are divided up according to the various themed lands that they are found in. These lands are Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Mickey's Toontown and Liberty Square. These five areas are the main divisions of the Magic Kingdom.

At Fantasyland you have a lot of the classic rides that Disney World in Florida is known for. This Small World is probably the most well known ride in Fantasyland. This ride will take visitors on a relaxing boat ride through the various countries of the world. This is a good ride for people of all ages as there are a variety of colorful things to look at throughout the voyage. Dumbo is probably the next most popular attraction in Fantasyland. This ride takes children and their parents up in the air as Dumbo takes flight over Fantasyland. Every car has its own controls so you can control how far up and down each Dumbo goes. There is a beautiful carousel located in the center of Fantasyland that showcases a lot of beautiful horses and other fantastical animals. As you ride around the carousel, Disney music plays in the background. This is a wonderful ride that is often overlooked by many people in the rush to ride the other attractions that Fantasyland has to offer. If you enjoy rides that go around in circles, you can try the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. While you sit in an oversized teacup, you will spin around and around. There is a wheel in the center of your teacup so you can control the rate of your spinning. Also included in Fantasyland are rides about Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and Peter Pan. These rides are always fun and can be excellent attractions for kids of all ages. Some of the rides, like Snow White's Scary Adventures, may be a bit too intense for younger children, but they are still gentle, easy moving rides. Fantasyland is also an excellent place to meet Disney characters. If you are collecting pictures or autographs from various Disney characters, Fantasyland is a great place to look for them. Many times the characters will be around their specific ride. For example, you can find Alice at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party or Peter Pan around the Peter Pan ride. If you are lucky, you might also meet Merlin. The famous wizard will often appear once or twice a day outside of the carousel as he searches for the right child to pull the sword out of the stone. Ariel's Grotto also holds regular character meet and greets. You can pick up a meet and greet schedule along with your park map to see when and where certain character are going to be in the parks. The meet and greet times are wonderful opportunities for your child and yourself to see your favorite Disney characters and interact with them.


Right next to Fantasyland is the newest land at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida. Disney's Toontown is a fun and exciting land that is built around Disney's icon, Mickey Mouse. At Toontown you can visit the houses of Mickey and Minnie. These houses, however, are actually elaborate queue lines. At the end of the line you will be able to meet Mickey and Minnie. This is a great opportunity to take a picture with these two characters as well as get autographs. If you want to look at the houses but not meet Mickey and Minnie, you can do that as well. Toontown is geared towards the younger visitors of Disney World in Florida. Young kids can play on an interactive playground or ride Goofy's Barnstormer rollercoaster. A very large carnival tent holds the main gift store for Toontown and you can find a wide selection of toys and souvenirs inside.

Tomorrowland has attractions that, like its name, focus on the future technology that may be arriving. While it focuses more on the fantastical than the actual technological advances available in the world, Tomorrowland has several fun rides and attractions. One of the classic rides of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida is Space Mountain. This is one of the most well loved rides in all of Disney World and Disneyland. The rollercoaster is enclosed and takes place entirely in the dark. While you are waiting for your turn, you can observe galaxies and planets out of the "window" of the space station. This is an exciting ride that is very popular with guests of the Magic Kingdom. If you want something a little more low-key, however, you can try the Buzz Lightyear ride. This ride is a new approach to the shooting gallery you can find in Frontierland. On the Buzz Lightyear ride you and a partner shoot real laser beams at targets all throughout this ride. At the end of the attraction you can measure your score against your partner's to see who won. For the more adventurous, Stitch's Great Escape combines visual and environmental effects to give visitors the sense that they are trapped inside a space station with Stitch. As the character runs around the attraction, you can feel him breathing on your shoulder or whispering in your ear. Stitch's Great Escape is a popular attraction in Tomorrowland, especially for those who are fans of Stitch.

Adventureland is home to many classic rides as well. The Jungle Cruise is one of the most iconic. Anyone who has been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World on multiple occasions can often quote the jokes that are told during your cruise around the various waterways of the world. While the jokes may be predictable, the Jungle Cruise is still a fun attraction. Right next to the Jungle Cruise is Tarzan's Tree House. This used to be the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House but has since been replaced by Tarzan. The concept is the same, however, as visitors climb up into the tree and get to look through the interactive Tarzan Tree House. If you would rather experience a ride that is a little more traditional in concept, you can ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. This ride which has been made very popular by the trilogy of movies, features a variety of pirates including Jack Sparrow. You can sail through this attraction while you observe the comings and goings of a variety of pirates. If you are lucky, you can even meet Jack Sparrow himself as he will often come and take pictures and give autographs outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The Enchanted Tiki Room is an attraction at Adventureland at Walt Disney World in Florida that is loved by some and hated by others. This show features a variety of audio animatronic birds that sing and dance through a routine of well-known songs. The attraction recently got a makeover where Iago from Aladdin and Zazu from the Lion King host the new version of the show. If singing and dancing birds aren't your thing, you can take a ride on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. This ride is similar in format to the Dumbo ride you can find in Fantasyland. Surrounding the Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a shopping bazaar that features a variety of stores. This is a fun place to shop if you are looking for unique souvenirs from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Frontierland at Walt Disney World in Florida is home to several rollercoasters. For the more adventurous Disney guests, they will often find what they are looking for at Frontierland. The most classic rollercoaster in Frontierland is the Big Thunder Railroad. This outdoor rollercoaster is an exciting voyage through a southwestern themed mountain. Right next to the Big Thunder Railroad is Splash Mountain. This ride is extremely popular and takes visitors on a peaceful boat ride. The ride culminates with an exciting plummet to the bottom of the mountain. Many visitors often get a little bit wet on this ride, so if you want to take the plunge be sure you are prepared to get wet. Frontierland also has the popular Country Bear Jamboree show. This show features a song and dance routine by life-size audio animatronic bears. This Frontierland attraction was made into a Disney movie. Since the movie has been released, the Country Bear Jamboree has become an even more popular attraction. There is also an Old Western street that you can walk down. This street has many stores where you can purchase Western themed Disney merchandise as well as a popular shooting gallery. You can also take a raft to Tom Sawyer's Island and explore the island for as long as you would like. Occasionally, you can find street performers in Frontierland. These performers put on a variety of shows. One of the most popular is a quartet that sings in harmony while playing the banjo and guitar. If you want to know what kinds of street performances are going on in Frontierland and in the entire Magic Kingdom, pick up a show schedule when you pick up your map. If you are looking for a quick snack while you are strolling through Frontierland, you can stop and pick up a turkey leg. These turkey legs are quite large and can make an entire meal. You can find these turkey leg carts on the Old Western street in Frontierland if you want to give them a try.

You can go to Liberty Square if you want to get a different taste of American history at the Magic Kingdom. This part of the park has such attractions as the Haunted Mansion, the Hall of Presidents and the riverboat. Like some of the other attractions in the park, the movie about the Haunted Mansion has made it a very popular ride. Not only does this attraction have a fun and interesting queue line, but the ride itself is also a good time. If you would rather do something a little less scary, try the Hall of Presidents. Here you can watch life size replicas of America's greatest presidents talk and interact with each other. Liberty Square also has the riverboat ride. This paddle wheel boat will take visitors all around the lagoon as a narrator gives the fictional story about the land through which you are traveling. There are several good places to eat at Liberty Square. You can grab a quick meal at the Harbor House. This counter service restaurant offers some of the best chicken fingers and French fries at Disney World in Florida. This restaurant also serves a good selection of soups, sandwiches and salads. If you would rather enjoy a table service meal, try the tavern. This restaurant is fashioned after Colonial America and features a fun and interesting menu that pays homage to the kinds of food that was eaten during that time period. If you would rather eat something a little more modern, however, they do have other options on their menu.

These various Lands of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida are connected by the Main Street train. You can catch this train at any of the stops it makes, but if you want to hear the entire fictional story that the train provides, you must catch it at the Main Street depot and ride it entirely around the park. This train makes stops at Main Street, Frontierland and Toontown. If you do not want to walk to the opposite end of the park, this is a good way to easily travel to the far side of the Magic Kingdom. The trains are usually only ten minutes or so apart so you will not have long to wait should you miss the train.

A day at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida is not complete without seeing the spectacular fireworks display that is given at the close of the park. This display is always popular and draws a crowd each night. While you can see the fireworks from a number of places throughout the theme park, the best place to watch is in front of Cinderella's Castle. The fireworks display often incorporates real actors. For example, Tinkerbell has been known to make an appearance in the Castle during the fireworks show.

The Main Street stores generally stay open for a while after the park closes. This allows you one more chance to grab the souvenirs you want to have to remember you stay at Disney World in Florida. There are several stores to choose from. The most popular store would probably be the Emporium. This store features a wide selection of Disney merchandise from sporting goods to collectibles. There is a fine jewelry store that sells a variety of name brand Disney watches and collectibles. You can also visit the candy store where they make an assortment of Disney fudges and candies. There is a wonderful Italian restaurant on the Main Street Square that is themed after the Lady and the Tramp animated feature. Tony's features a good selection of Italian food in a fun atmosphere.

If you happen to visit the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida on your birthday, make sure to stop by the Town Hall. The Town Hall is located immediately to your left when you enter the Magic Kingdom. You can pick up a birthday button and receive a call from a special guest. This is a great start to your special day. If you choose to wear the birthday button around the theme park, you will receive special attention from Cast Members and Disney characters you encounter around the theme park.

You may find that there are more things you want to do at the Magic Kingdom than you have time for. A good trick to time management at the Magic Kingdom is utilizing the FastPass system. This system allows visitors to the park to skip the long stand-by lines that may occur for the more popular attractions. To get a FastPass, simply insert your park ticket into the FastPass machines located outside of the attraction. You will then get both your ticket and a freshly printed FastPass. The FastPass will have a time printed on it. During this time frame you can come back to the attraction and get into the FastPass line. This line is much shorter and takes precedence over the stand-by line. For rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, Buzz Lightyear and others you can get a FastPass to help reduce your wait time.

If you are staying at a Disney World in Florida resort, you can use the complimentary Disney Transportation to take you to and from the Magic Kingdom. There are a variety of ways to get to the park. Most resorts feature a complimentary bus route that takes you from your hotel to the theme park. When you are ready to return to your resort, simply get back on the bus and it will take you back to your resort as quickly as possible. If you are staying at a Magic Kingdom resort, however, you have more options available to you. The monorail connects the Magic Kingdom resorts to this park and to Epcot as well. You can simply get on the monorail at your resort and ride this to the theme park. If you stay at the Contemporary, you can even walk to the Magic Kingdom. For those staying off Disney property, however, you have to go to the Ticket and Transportation Center. Because there is no parking immediately next to the theme park, Disney created a massive parking lot at the Ticket and Transportation Center. You can park here for the Magic Kingdom as well as all the other theme parks. You can then take the monorail or a large ferryboat to the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida is a wonderful theme park for visitors. This is one of the main attractions of the Walt Disney World Resort complex as it contains a majority of the classic and iconic attractions of Disney. You can ride a thrill ride like Space Mountain or get a taste of the Disney theatrical releases with the rides in Fantasyland. While you are at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida, you can eat at a variety of restaurants and get souvenirs at a variety of stores. You can close out your day at the Magic Kingdom with the wonderful fireworks display over Cinderella's Castle. To make sure you get everything done you want to, try out the FastPass system as a means of time management. Whatever you choose to do at Disney World in Florida, be sure to check out the Magic Kingdom and all it has to offer.


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