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The MGM theme park at Disney World in Orlando holds a variety of things to do for visitors. You can easily spend an entire day or more at this Disney World in Orlando theme park. When planning out your day at Disney's MGM Studios, it's good to know what all is available to you. With a good selection of rides, live shows and other attractions, it is no wonder why MGM is one of the most popular theme parks at Disney World in Orlando.

The overall theme of Disney's MGM Studios is that of Hollywood. While there are different takes on the theme all throughout the theme park, the overall theme revolves around Hollywood and the art of making movies. When you first enter the theme park, you will be immersed in the glamour of Old Hollywood. The Main Street of Disney's MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando is themed after Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s. The storefronts are a fun glimpse into the past. As you stroll down the avenues of MGM you may encounter street performers. These performers are portraying actors from this golden age of Hollywood. Their acts are generally comedic and always draw a large crowd. These shows are also highly interactive with the audience. If you or your child is collecting autographs, these are fun ones to get. As you're strolling down the main street you can stop to have your picture taken by one of the many professional photographers that line the streets. You can have your picture taken with the icon of the park, the Sorcerer's Hat, in the background. You can the purchase your picture either at the end of your day or when you are home. Disney has a wonderful system where they scan a card every time you get your picture taken. The picture's data is uploaded onto your card. Thus, you can view any of your pictures at any of the theme parks. The pictures are also available for a certain amount of time after your trip. This enables you to look at your pictures in the luxury of your own home and make a purchase even after your vacation.

At the end of one of the main streets of Disney's MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando are two exciting thrill rides. The first of these is the Tower of Terror. This ride is set in an abandoned Hollywood hotel complete with abandoned gardens and dusty rooms. With Rod Sterling, the host of the Twilight Zone, leading your way through the ride you will explore the elaborate hotel and encounter those who have never left. The ride ends in a sudden drop from the top of the hotel back down to the lobby. While you are at the top, however, you will have a stunning view of the entire MGM Studios property. This is a fun and exciting ride for those who are not afraid of heights or sudden drops. The other ride, which is located right across from the Tower of Terror is Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster. This enclosed rollercoaster is set to a fun Aerosmith soundtrack. The theme of the ride is a high-speed trip to an Aerosmith concert. The members of the band also make an appearance in the fun pre-show that is right before the final bit of queue line for the ride. These two rides also take your picture. Right as you start to drop at the Tower of Terror and right when your car starts accelerating at the Rockin' Rollercoaster, cameras take your picture. You can view these pictures at the end of your ride and then choose whether or not you wish to purchase the picture. You can also pick up souvenirs directly relating to that ride at the gift stores at the end of each attraction. If you are an Aerosmith fan, the store at the close of the Rockin' Rollercoaster is an excellent place to get Aerosmith memorabilia as well as rock and roll merchandise.

The other rides located at Disney's MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando come in a variety of forms. The former icon of the park is a replica of Graumann's Chinese Theater. Just like the one in California, this one has the handprints of stars and celebrities outside its front entrance. Inside the theater is the Great Movie Ride. You can go on an interactive drive through several of Hollywood's classic films. The ride culminates in a montage of some of the greatest and most well known clips in Hollywood's history. This is a fun ride that can be different every time you ride as your driver gets in on the action every time. Graumann's Chinese Theater is a beautiful replica of the real one. Disney World in Orlando decided to change the icon of the park, however, into a gigantic Sorcerer's Hat. This hat is located directly in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater so that it becomes the focal point of your walk down the main street. The hat is actually an open store that has a variety of merchandise for sale. More often than not, the Sorcerer's Hat contains a wide selection of Disney pins.

Disney pins are a popular pastime at the entire Disney World in Orlando resort complex. You can purchase any selection of pins that you want. There are pins for every Disney animated feature, every holiday, every attraction at Disney World in Orlando and every promotion that may be going on in the parks. You can purchase any number of Disney pins that you want and then trade them with other visitors and with Cast Members. While the other visitors may or may not make the trade, the Cast Members will always trade with you. Pin trading has become a highly popular pastime for visitors. With exclusive pins that you can only get by trading with certain Cast Members and limited edition of other pins, there are very valuable pins that you can collect. A good selection of Disney pins are available under the Sorcerer's Hat at Disney's MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando.


One of the classic rides is the Star Tours attraction. This simulator ride takes visitors on a high-speed voyage through space. This is one of the most well known rides at MGM at Disney World in Orlando. The queue line for this ride is quite fun as it takes visitors from the outside world of the Ewoks to the inside of a space ship. The ride lets out into a Star Wars gift shop which has tons of merchandise for Star Wars fans. You can also take a backstage tour that ends in a display of movie making special effects. The Backlot Studio Tour takes visitors on a three-part tour. The first part displays the art of certain kinds of special effects. This is an interactive display that takes volunteers from the audience. These volunteers get placed in a mock naval battle as various pyrotechnic and water effects are displayed. After this, visitors walk through a prop warehouse on their way to the second stage of their backlot tour. This second part is a driven tour through various aspects of the MGM Studios. You will see leftover props from various popular movies. You will also get to see the costuming and prop manufacturing warehouses. As you drive through, you can see the various hangars and studios that are located at the back of theme park. While not much filming is done anymore at the MGM Studios, there is still a limited amount of filming done. You can sometimes get an inside glimpse into any filming that is currently going on at the backlot. The ride ends with a trip to Catastrophe Canyon. This canyon is a working set that demonstrates how water and pyrotechnics can work on the large scale. The Backlot Studio Tour is an excellent glimpse into the wonders of movie making.

If you want to take another tour, you can take the Animation Tour as well. This tour at Disney World in Orlando is largely a walk-through tour that takes visitors through the Disney animation process. You can learn how to draw a character and then see how Disney animators transfer the concept to the screen. This is a fun tour that includes some lovable Disney characters all throughout the guided walking tour. The ride ends up with a walk-through of artwork of various upcoming animated features. The tour empties into a wonderful store that has a variety of Disney artwork for you to purchase. There is artwork for collectors as well as art supplies for those interested in creating your own masterpieces. If you are interested in the Disney animation process, this is a wonderful tour to take. At the end, you can keep your own Disney character that you drew.

There are a variety of live shows at Disney's MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando. These shows are either stunt shows are recreations of Disney's classics. The first show you encounter at MGM is the Beauty and the Beast live show. This is a wonderful Broadway style rendition of the popular animated film. With elaborate costumes and excellent actors, the Beauty and the Beast show is a wonderful show to see. If you are more interested in the stunts and how actors perform them for the movies, there are two shows you can see. The first show is the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. This show focuses on how the stuntmen put together a believable performance for the movies. With real stuntmen who recreate the popular stunts from the trilogy of Indiana Jones movies, the stunt show has a variety of stunts and effects. This show also features pyrotechnic stunts that are quite breathtaking to watch. The second stunt show is Lights, Motors, Action! This stunt show focuses more on the vehicular stunts that make action scenes in the movies all the more exciting. There are several stunt drivers that perform complicated vehicular stunts right before your eyes. This is a captivating stunt show to watch and the arena is almost always filled to capacity.

There are other shows available for you to watch. The Muppets show is displayed in 3D and is always a popular show. There is a walk through tour called One Man's Dream that takes you through the life and times of Walt Disney. For those who are interested in the man behind Disney World in Orlando, the One Man's dream walk through tour is a revealing glimpse into the life of the man who created the idea of Disney World in Orlando. There is also a sound effects show that features Drew Carey. Visitors to Sounds Dangerous put on headphones and experience the magic that sounds effects can give to a presentation. At the end of Sounds Dangerous you can try out other sound effect booths to get more of a feel of how sound effects work. You can listen and make sound effects. The Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a live show that retells the story of the Little Mermaid. This is an interesting show as it relies on puppeteers. It's interesting to see how Disney masks the puppeteers to make them blend into the background of the show.

There are a variety of places you can eat while at the MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando. The Brown Derby is a wonderful recreation of the classic Hollywood eatery. This restaurant features the famous Cobb Salad which made the Brown Derby such a popular restaurant in the first place. Across the main street from the Brown Derby is the 50's Primetime Diner. This is a unique restaurant at MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando. The servers at this restaurant take on the role of 1950s mom or dad. They make sure you eat all your vegetables and don't put your elbows on the table during the meal. The food that is served here is reminiscent of the classics like meatloaf and pot roast. If you would rather try some Italian food, you can visit Mama Melroses. This Italian eatery is located near the Muppet Vision 3D show and features a fun theme. This restaurant serves a wide variety of brick oven pizzas and delicious pastas. One of the most popular restaurants at MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando is the Sci Fi Dine in Theater. This restaurant is a unique restaurant as you can sit in a car at a drive in while you eat classic American style cuisine. While you eat, a variety of Sci Fi movie clips from the 1950s and earlier. It seems as though Disney went through and picked the most ridiculous and fun Sci Fi clips that are available. You can easily spend a long time at the Sci Fi Dine in Theater as you eat. The servers at this restaurant are often on roller skates in homage of the traditional car hops that were at the drive in restaurants of that particular era. There are a variety of counter service restaurants available at MGM Studios at Disney World in Orlando. These restaurants feature a variety of different cuisines. The most popular counter service restaurant would probably be the ABC Commissary. This restaurant is supposed to resemble the commissaries you find at various studios in Hollywood. You can pick from a variety of international fare.

There are a variety of stores and shopping opportunities available for you at the MGM Studios in Disney World in Orlando. The stores on the main street of MGM have the most of the traditional souvenir options. You can purchase MGM themed merchandise or Walt Disney World merchandise at any of the stores along the main street. There are stores that sell stuffed animals, collectibles or other merchandise. There is also a celebrity memorabilia store available where you can purchase autographed merchandise from your favorite celebrity. There are other stores available throughout the theme park. Right outside the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a fun adventure themed store. This store sells Indiana Jones merchandise as well as other kinds of unusual merchandise. There is also a store at the end of the Star Tours ride. This store is full of fun Star Wars merchandise for collectors and fans alike. There are other specialized stores scattered all throughout MGM at Disney World in Orlando.

If you stay the entire day at MGM, you can close your day with the extremely popular fireworks show Fantasmic. This is the only fireworks display in all of Disney World in Orlando that actually has a reserved seating area. To insure that you get a seat, be sure to show up as soon as possible. This show is just under a half- hour in length and combines water effects, fireworks and live Disney characters. If you want to see the Fantasmic show, get in line early to make sure you can see this very popular display.

If you don't want to wait until the evening to see the fireworks, you can see one of the many parades that MGM offers. Depending on the time of year, MGM at Disney World in Orlando offers many different kinds of parades. Each parade features a wide variety of your favorite Disney characters. Oftentimes, a special family is chosen from those waiting to view the parade to be the leading family of the parade. This family is included within the parade and gets preferred treating. The parades are a fun opportunity for those who are interested in seeing the variety of characters MGM has to offer. If you don't want to wait until the parade to meet your favorite characters, there are also character meet and greets all throughout the theme park. You can pick up a meet and greet schedule wherever they give away the park maps. You can meet a variety of Disney characters this way as there are several character meet and greets scattered all throughout the theme park.

When visiting the MGM theme park at Disney World in Orlando, you can purchase your ticket at the ticket gates located at the front of the park. There are a variety of options for MGM tickets. You can purchase a ticket that is specifically for the MGM theme park. You can also purchase a Park Hopper pass which will give you access to all the parks including MGM. You can purchase these tickets for anywhere from one day to fourteen. If you want a ticket for a longer amount of time, you might want to purchase the Annual Passport. This grants visitors access to the four major theme parks for a full year after purchase. It is important to have your park ticket in hand when visiting the MGM theme park at Disney World in Orlando.

There is an excellent transportation system available at the MGM at Disney World in Orlando. If you are a guest at one of the many Disney World resorts, you have a variety of ways to get back to your hotel. There is a large bus depot immediately outside the theme park where you can pick the correct bus that will take you to your resort. You can also take a boat to certain resorts. If you are staying at the Boardwalk, the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, the Swan or the Dolphin you can catch a boat to your resort. You can also take the convenient walking path to any of these resorts as well. It is only about a ten to fifteen minute walk along the water's edge to the Epcot/MGM resorts and can be a pleasant trip if the weather's nice.

There are several things you can do at the MGM Studios in Disney World in Orlando. You can ride one of the many thrill rides, see one or all of the incredible live shows or dine at a delicious restaurant. Disney's MGM Studios located at Disney World in Orlando is a wonderful addition to your Disney vacation.


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