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There is a lot of Disney World info about the newest theme park at Walt Disney World. The Animal Kingdom is full of a variety of fun and interesting rides and attractions that are unique to this park. Because it is a newer park, there is a lot of Disney World info about it. If you are wondering what makes the Animal Kingdom a park that is different from the rest of the Disney theme parks, knowing the Disney World info about the Animal Kingdom can help make your trip easier.

Disney World info about the Animal Kingdom is generally centered around the uniqueness of the park. This theme park has a wide selection of live animals roaming various aspects of the park. When you first enter the theme park you will see the Tree of Life looming at the center of the park. This is not an actual tree, however, but rather a tree-like carving with thousands of animals carved into the various facets of the tree. You can get a closer view of the tree while you are standing in line for the 3D movie “It’s Tough to be a Bug”. This 3D movie is held inside the tree. Once you enter the tree, you wait in a room which looks like an elaborate root system to be let into the theater. The Tree of Life is a wonderful icon that ties the theme of the Animal Kingdom together. You can also get your picture taken by a professional photographer in front of the Tree of Life. This picture can be viewed and purchased that same day or you can wait until later to purchase it.

As you approach the Tree of Life you will walk through several walkways that have animals on either side of you. There are various birds and other animals for you to look at and learn about as you make your way deeper into the Animal Kingdom theme park. There are several Cast Members lining these pathways to provide you Disney World info about the Animal Kingdom and these animals that you are passing. Some of the Cast Members will also be holding other animals for you to get a closer look at. These walkways are an excellent introduction to the Animal Kingdom theme park.

Once you enter into the main part of the Animal Kingdom theme park there are tons of things to do and see. There is a Disney World info board right before the Tree of Life. This Disney World info board contains information regarding the various wait time for attractions as well as show times for shows. This is a great place to get maps, character meet and greet times as well as show times. You can also ask the Cast Member who is manning the Disney World info board for any assistance and help you may need.

There are a variety of sections at the Animal Kingdom theme park. These sections include Asia, Africa, Dinoland USA, Camp Minnie-Mickey, Discovery Island and several other areas. The interesting thing about the Animal Kingdom is the extensive theming. If you are in the Asia section, you will see the theming all around you from the walls you pass to the ground you walk on. Each of the rides within the sections is themed according to their land.

There is a lot of Disney World info about each of the park divisions. The Asia pavilion has several fun and exciting rides. If you want to go on an exciting water ride, check out the Kali River Rapids. This ride takes guests on a thrilling water ride through the Asian landscape. If you want to ride the Kali River Rapids, be prepared to get wet. This ride has lots of dips and twists and turns that get guests as soaked as possible. There is even an observation bridge where guests who did not want to ride can squirt water on the guests on the ride. The Kali River Rapids ride is one of the most popular water rides in the Disney theme parks due to its fun nature and interactive qualities. The newest attraction in the Animal Kingdom theme park is also located at the Asia section of the theme park. Expedition Everest takes visitors on a high speed voyage through the world’s highest mountain. If you are a fan of thrill rides, definitely check out Expedition Everest. The Imagineers who crafted this ride actually went oversees to get real props to place throughout the ride’s queue line. As a result, the queue for this ride is very interesting and tells a detailed story to keep guests occupied during the wait. This ride features a unique twist in the middle of the ride as you search for the elusive yeti through the various ups and downs of the ride. If you want to take in a show, check out the Flights of Wonder show. This show features a large cast of animals and birds that interact with the audience. While there is a slight back story to the show, it is mainly dedicated to the various animals as they show off their natural abilities. If you would like to see more animals, you can go on the Maharajah Jungle Trek. This nature walk takes visitors through the ruins of an Indian temple complex that have been run over by the jungle. You can see all sorts of animals throughout the walking trail. You can see several tigers, a large selection of bats and a Komodo Dragon among other kinds of animals. Along this walking nature trail there are Cast Members who can tell you more about the animals you are seeing. Many of these animals have unique stories as to how they ended up at the Animal Kingdom as well as other things. There is a wealth of Disney World info you can get from the Cast Members you find along the nature trail.


The next section of the Animal Kingdom, Africa, contains the focal attraction of the entire theme park. Kilimanjaro Safaris is a fun attraction that takes visitors on an actual safari ride through a recreated African savannah. There are many live animals roaming around the savannah just like they would in the real African wild. You can see a wide selection of elephants, crocodiles, cheetahs, antelopes, ostriches and other animals that are native to that landscape. The harmless animals may run right up to your safari vehicle. The lions, cheetahs, elephants and other potentially dangerous animals are actually contained in camouflaged areas to where it looks as though they are not contained at all. Due to the popularity of Kilimanjaro Safaris, the line fills up very quickly. This is a FastPass attraction that means you can insert your ticket into the FastPass machine and get a ticket with a time frame printed on it. This time frame allows you to come back during the time specified and get in a special FastPass line. This line takes precedence over the stand-by line and moves very quickly. This is a great way to see this attraction. One important thing to consider when you are going to the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride is that the animals are more active during the cooler parts of the days. If you want to maximize your choices for seeing the most animals as you can, ride this attraction either early in the day or late in the afternoon. The animals tend to seek the shade during the middle of the day. There is also a nature trail in this part of the Animal Kingdom as well. You can walk through a large aviary with a wide selection of birds to observe. When you enter the aviary you can pick up a bird guide which will give you a picture of all the different kinds of birds available. You can also walk through the rest of the nature guide to see African animals. Just like the Maharajah trail, there will be Cast Members ready to give Disney World info on the animals you see.

Dinoland USA is a carnival themed section of the Animal Kingdom. Here you can play any variety of carnival games and ride carnival rides. Also at Dinoland USA is the Dinosaur ride. This is an exciting thrill ride through time as you race to save a dinosaur from extinction. This is a very intense ride and probably isn’t for those kids who scare easily. If you want a tamer ride for younger audiences, check out the carnival rides. There is also a Boneyard where kids can dig for dinosaur bones. Also included in Dinoland USA is Finding Nemo: The Musical. This is the newest live show at the Animal Kingdom and features a Broadway style musical that retells the popular animated feature. Because it is such a new attraction, the line can be long and the arena may fill up before the line is emptied. Get there early to insure you have a place in the show.

Camp Minnie-Mickey has two live shows and several character meet and greets that you can attend. This part of the Animal Kingdom is designed to resemble a camping site in the mountains. There is a Pocahontas show for younger kids where Pocahontas showcases her animal friends. There is also the Festival of the Lion King show that is extremely popular. This show features live performances from excellent singers who recreate the popular songs from the hit movie. While they sing, acrobats and gymnasts perform while puppeteers and other performers perform in the background. The Festival of the Lion King is an excellent show for people of all ages and many people see this show multiple times.

If you are interested in various conservation techniques, visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch. This is located at the Conservation Station land which is only a short train ride away from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. At Rafiki’s Planet Watch you can learn about what is being done to insure that endangered animals are being cared for. You can also learn conservation techniques you can incorporate into your daily life to help keep the planet full of its natural resources. Many people forget about the Conservation Station because it is rather out of the way. If you do choose to go to this attraction, however, there is a wealth of information available for those interested in learning about the Disney World info and Disney’s stance on conservation.

There are several places to eat at the Animal Kingdom. There aren’t too many table service restaurants at this theme park, however, as the focus seems to be on the counter service restaurants. At each section of the Animal Kingdom, however, you have several options for counter service meals. You can enjoy a barbecue meal at the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant which is located right near the heart of the Animal Kingdom. You can also enjoy a pizza at Pizzafari, a sandwich at the Tusker House or McDonald French Fries from the cart located on the way to Dinoland USA. There are many more food options at the Animal Kingdom. If you do want to enjoy a sit down restaurant meal during your stay at the Animal Kingdom, you can go to the Rainforest Café. This restaurant is located outside the theme park. It does, however, have its own entrance in and out of the Animal Kingdom. This is a wonderful way to bypass the lines at the front. Because the Rainforest Café is generally open when the Animal Kingdom opens for the day, you can often bypass the long lines at the front ticket gates and cut through the Rainforest Café gift store to use their own entrance to the park. While you’re cutting through the restaurant’s gift store, go ahead and make priority seating reservations for lunch or dinner as the restaurant does get filled quickly.

There are a variety of other restaurants located all throughout the Animal Kingdom. These restaurants include counter service, snack carts and beverage carts. You can look on your Animal Kingdom theme park map to learn about the various kinds of dining options available to you. You can find a listing of the various stores and shopping opportunities as well. The Animal Kingdom features a wide variety of shopping and souvenir stores. You can buy the traditional Walt Disney World merchandise at any of the stores you see. You can also, however, find a wide selection of global merchandise. These souvenirs are not necessarily Walt Disney World themed and can make excellent collectibles for those interested in collecting tribal art. Most of the stores are located on the main streets of the theme park. If you visit a souvenir store in the specific lands of the Animal Kingdom you will find specialized merchandise relating to that specific theme.

Many people who are looking for Disney World info are confused when they can’t find any information regarding the fireworks display. The other three theme parks have nightly fireworks displays. The Animal Kingdom, however, does not. Because the animal conservationists feared that the fireworks would upset the animals that call the Animal Kingdom their home, the decision was made not to allow a fireworks display at the close of the park. If you are interested in seeing a fireworks display, the Animal Kingdom generally closes in well enough time for you to go to another theme park to watch their fireworks display. Several more concessions were made for the animals as well. This is the one Walt Disney World theme park that closes early no matter what the tourist season is like. The park closes early to allow the animals enough time to be led back to their home for the night. The animals stay in covered barns so that they are protected from the extremes in weather that Florida occasionally is known to get. If you order a beverage at the Animal Kingdom you may notice that you do not receive a lid or a straw with your drink. This is to cut down on the possibility of potentially harmful litter reaching the animals. Even if you request a straw or a lid, you cannot get one as the Animal Kingdom simply does not have them on the property. At the Animal Kingdom, the concern for the animals is at the forefront and every avenue possible is taken to insure their protection and safety.

You can purchase your ticket for the Animal Kingdom at one of the many ticket gates located immediately in front of the entrance to the theme park. You can purchase a ticket specifically for the Animal Kingdom or you can purchase a Park Hopper pass which will grant you access to the Animal Kingdom and the other three major theme parks. If you want to visit the two water parks that are included on Walt Disney World property, you can add their admission onto your Park Hopper pass. The Cast Member working at the ticket counter can provide you with the Disney World info you need to make an educated decision as to the kind of ticket you will need to purchase.

Complimentary Disney transportation is available to those guests who are staying on Disney property. There are two large bus terminals located outside the theme park where you can catch the bus to take you back to your specific resort. You can get Disney World info about your bus route at the front of the terminal station. If you miss your bus, don’t worry as the buses generally run fifteen to twenty minutes apart. If you choose to drive, there is a large parking lot right on the Animal Kingdom property where you can park. This is notably different than the Magic Kingdom where you have to park at the Ticket and Transportation Center and then take either the monorail or the ferryboat to the theme park. The Animal Kingdom is easily accessed no matter how you choose to arrive.

Disney World info about the Animal Kingdom can easily be found at any number of places. You can visit the official Walt Disney World website to get a brief synopsis of each attraction and the various activities and restaurants that are available at this theme park. If you want more Disney World info about the subject, you can check out the unofficial websites that are available. These websites will often offer a comprehensive listing of the various attractions, shows and restaurants that are at the Animal Kingdom. Many of these sites will feature forums or personal reviews of each attraction as well. This is very useful if you are trying to figure out what to do and see at the Animal Kingdom. If you are looking for more Disney World info on the subject of the Animal Kingdom try looking in official and unofficial printed travel guides. You can find these guides at your local bookstore or library. These guides will often feature a large selection of useful Disney World info that you can use during your Walt Disney World vacation.

The Animal Kingdom is a wonderful, new theme park where you can learn a wealth of Disney World info. You can learn about the various animals that we share our world with. Rides such as the Kilimanjaro Safari are educational as well as fun and entertaining. There are still a number of exciting rides that are not purely educational as well. As you walk through the park and take in the various changes in the theming, you can see the dedication the Disney Imagineers had to creating an authentic environment for Walt Disney World visitors. You can also enjoy a number of dining options as there are several counter service restaurants located at the Animal Kingdom as well as the Rainforest Café for those who want to enjoy a table service meal. With the many Cast Members on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the various animals you see, you can learn a lot about nature while still having an enjoyable time enjoying all that a Walt Disney World theme park has to offer.


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