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The Disney World tickets you purchase for your Walt Disney World vacation are fundamental. With the variety of Disney World tickets available, you may be wondering what kinds of tickets are available and what you can do with them during and after your vacation. When you know what kinds of options are open to you, you can easily pick the right ticket and save yourself a lot of time at the Walt Disney World ticket office.

The most popular kinds of Disney World tickets are the Park Hopper passes. These tickets are popular for a variety of reasons. Most people visit Walt Disney World with the intent of visiting multiple parks. The Park Hopper pass lets you do this with the most flexibility. With a Park Hopper ticket, you can visit one or more parks in one day. If you wanted to visit the Magic Kingdom in the morning, the Animal Kingdom in the afternoon and Disney's MGM Studios in the evening, a Park Hopper ticket will let you do this. You definitely have the most flexibility when you purchase a Park Hopper pass. A good way to use your Park Hopper ticket is to use it to combat the weather that pops up in Central Florida. With the hot, humid weather that is common to the summer months in Florida, many people don't enjoy being outside at the parks during the hottest hours of the day. With a Park Hopper, you can go to a park in the morning, swim at your resort in the afternoon when it is the hottest outside, and then go to another park in the evening once it cools down. By skipping the hot, humid afternoons in the parks, you can easily reserve your strength and energy. Park Hopper tickets, as well as all Disney World tickets, can be purchased for anywhere from one to fourteen days.

If you do not want to visit more than one park per day, the Magic Your Way ticket may be a good option for you. This ticket is slightly cheaper than the Park Hopper pass as it only allows you into one park each day. You can leave the park and come back to that same park only if you get your hand stamped before leaving. The Magic Your Way ticket still gives you some flexibility, however, as you can pick any of the four theme parks to visit. The only stipulation is that one park you pick will be the only park you can visit during that day. When you purchase a Walt Disney World vacation package, the base ticket that is included in the package is a Magic Your Way ticket. While you can easily upgrade to a Park Hopper if you wish, the Magic Your Way can still be an excellent ticket choice for you and your family.

The least flexible out of the Disney World tickets is the one-park tickets. You purchase these Disney World tickets specifically at the theme park you want to visit. This ticket will only get you into that one specific theme park, however, and this makes it one of the least purchased kind of ticket. This kind of ticket is popular with people making a one-day trip to Walt Disney World. Just like the Magic Your Way ticket, if you choose to leave the park make sure to get your hand stamped to make sure you can re-enter the park when you want. If you are going to be staying at the parks for more than one day, you might want to check out the other ticket options just to give your trip some flexibility.

If you visit the Walt Disney World resort complex more than once in a calendar year, you might be interested in the Annual Passport. This ticket gives visitors the most flexibility and allows them to visit as much as they want for a full year after purchasing the ticket. The Annual Passport is generally a Park Hopper ticket as well, which means you do not have any limitations as to which park you can go to on which day. There are a variety of other amenities that come along with the Annual Passport. When you purchase this ticket you will get a little booklet along with your pass. This booklet will detail all the extra amenities you get along with your package. Some of the benefits may include a discounted rate on souvenirs, dining, rentals and other amenities. You may also qualify for discounted rates on hotel rooms and other aspects of your Walt Disney World vacation. The Annual Passport is a great ticket for those who are frequent visitors to Walt Disney World as you will save money the more you use your ticket.


Disney World tickets can easily be added onto your Walt Disney World vacation package. You can purchase a Disney World vacation package on the official Disney World website. This website features a series of questions which will walk you through the purchase process. You can also visit a travel agent or even call the reservations hotline to purchase your Walt Disney World vacation package. As a feature of the package, you can easily add in your Disney World tickets.

Shopping for Disney World tickets is an easy process. Many people choose to purchase them online due to the convenience. Along with the rest of your package, you can choose the type of ticket you want online and purchase them. If you do purchase your Walt Disney World tickets online or add them to an online vacation package, you have two options as to how to receive them. The first option is to have them sent to your home mailing address. If you want to have your Disney World tickets in hand as soon as you arrive at Walt Disney World, this may be the best option for you. Occasionally, people arrive at their Walt Disney World resort before their room is ready. If this is the case, you can leave your luggage with the concierge and go ahead into the parks. If you already have your Disney World tickets in hand, you can automatically access the parks. The other option you have for picking up pre-purchased Disney World tickets is to have them waiting for you at the parks. You can pick up your Disney World tickets either at the Guest Relations desk at your resort or at the Customer Service desk at any of the theme parks.

You don't have to pre-purchase your Disney World tickets, however. You can easily purchase them at any number of ticket locations all throughout the Walt Disney World resort complex. The most common place to purchase your Disney World tickets is at the first park you visit. You can purchase one-park tickets and Park Hopper tickets at any theme park. If you are purchasing a one-park ticket, however, you must purchase it at the specific park you want to visit. You can purchase Park Hopper and Annual Passport tickets at Downtown Disney as well. The Guest Relations desk located near the Bibidee-Bobidee-Boutique at Downtown Disney will assist you in purchasing your Disney World tickets. If you are interested in visiting Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, the two water parks at Walt Disney World, you can purchase admission directly at those two parks. If you want to add their admission onto your Park Hopper pass, however, you can do that at any theme park.

Disney World tickets can often come with various discounts. You can find these discounts at a number of places including the Internet, your local travel agent or at Walt Disney World. The discounts you can find online for Disney World tickets take a variety of forms. The most common kind of discount is a discount ticket code. You can often find discount ticket forms on the unofficial Disney World websites. These codes can be given to the representative making your reservation at the time of booking. Walt Disney World also offers discount Disney World tickets on the official website as well. These discounts are generally given to those who purchase their tickets online either in advance or right before their Walt Disney World vacation. For those who are interested in booking the elements of their Walt Disney World vacation as early as possible, you might be able to find good discounts. Disney does this as a reward for those who book their vacation early. Disney also occasionally offers last minute deals on Disney World tickets as well. If it is a low traffic season for Walt Disney World, there will be occasional last minute deals on both Disney World tickets and hotel rooms.

If you cannot get any deals on Disney World tickets on the Internet, you can try various corporations or membership organizations. Companies such as AAA will occasionally offer discounts for members of their organization. These discounts can be applied to Disney World tickets or to the hotel rooms depending on the stipulations of the discounts. There are also discounts on Disney World tickets that you can get at the ticket gates of the various Walt Disney World theme parks. If you are a Florida resident, there are special discounts that can be applied to your Disney World tickets. For those visitors who are under ten years of age, there are also special discounts available. You can usually combine the Florida discount with the children’s discount for those guests who are under ten and are Florida residents. Walt Disney World also offers a military discount on Disney World tickets. These discounts are available for active duty members. If you want to get the military discount on your Disney World tickets, simply bring your active military personnel ID to the Shades of Green store. Shades of Green is an resort that is exclusively for military personnel and offers special discounts for members of the military. You can bring your ID to the store to purchase your special Disney World tickets.

When looking for discounts on Disney World tickets, it is important to know what kinds of discounts are legitimate. You will no doubt see many billboards and advertisements offering free or discounted Disney World tickets. When following up on these leads, be very cautious. Not all discounts are valid. Most of these stores or time-share companies are selling used tickets. While unused days of admission on tickets can be used if the purchaser added on the no-expiration option to the ticket, there is no good way to make sure the ticket is still valid when you purchase it. You can call the Disney ticket hotline and have them check the ticket’s ID number in their computer system, but there is still no excellent way to know whether or not the ticket is a valid ticket. When purchasing the used ticket, be very careful as you do not want to find out that the ticket is invalid when you are trying to use it at a theme park.

Sometimes time-share companies will also offer discounted Disney World tickets. You can get these tickets by sitting through their presentation about their time share property. If you are potentially interested in learning about the time-share property then this may be a good way to get discounted Disney World tickets. If you are not interested, however, you might want to save your time and try finding discounted Disney World tickets elsewhere. You can try the official website or the unofficial websites to find discounts on your Disney World tickets. These discounts can be found at a variety of places and if you are interested in using discounted Disney World tickets, you can find these discounts in a number of places.

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort, you can often get your ticket combined with your room key. This is very convenient as it gives visitors one card to keep track of as opposed to a room key and then a separate ticket. Most often these two elements are combined when you pre-purchase your tickets. When you check into your room, the concierge will see that you have your tickets already purchased and combine them with the room key. Many times, if you purchase a Walt Disney World vacation package, your ticket will automatically be included with your room key. You should be able to specify if you want a separate ticket, however.

After you have purchased your Disney World tickets, it is important to store them correctly during your vacation. Many people neglect this important aspect of the Disney World tickets and this can cause them inconveniences in the future. The first thing to take in consideration when storing your Disney World tickets is to take good care of the magnetic strip on the back of the ticket. This magnetic strip is very easily demagnetized. If you place your ticket too close to a cell phone that is turned on or even to the magnetic strips of credit cards, your ticket might be demagnetized. It is recommended that you keep your Disney World tickets as separate from these things as possible. If you do store your Disney World tickets in your wallet, it is advised that you keep the magnetic strips running parallel to the magnetic strips of your credit cards. Sometimes, however, your Disney World tickets get demagnetized. If this happens, don't worry as it can easily be remedied. The Cast Member who is working at the ticket gates will either reinstate your ticket on-site or take you and your ticket to the customer service desk where the issue will be fixed. The only resulting issue from this is a loss of time. Because of the sensitivity of the magnetic strips, the demagnetization happens quite often and, therefore, quickly fixed.

Sometimes, however, people lose their Disney World tickets. There are a couple steps you can take to insure that if this should happen to you, you will easily get your Disney World tickets reinstated to you. When you first purchase your tickets, check out the front and back of the ticket. There is typically a series of digits printed on the back of the ticket. This is your ticket's identity. When you get your ticket, make a photocopy of the back of the ticket to make sure you have a record of the ticket. The concierge at your Disney World hotel can easily do this for you, if you do not have access to a printer. If you want to immediately make a notation of your ticket's identity, you can write down everything you see on the back of the ticket. By keeping a record of the ticket's number, you can make sure your ticket can be re-issued if necessary. If you do find that you have misplaced your ticket, take this number to the concierge or a Guest Relations desk and they should be able to look up your ticket in their computer system. Hopefully, they will be able to re-issue your ticket with no problem. If, for some reason, they cannot find your ticket's information, they will be able to find a sensible solution. To make sure you do have every possible precaution taken, make a photocopy of the ticket rather than writing the number down. That way, should the Cast Member not be able to pull the ticket from their database, they can still see that it was, at one point, a physical ticket.

Ticket safety is also an important concern when it comes to Disney World tickets. Many people don't know what to do with their tickets and room keys when it comes time for activities like swimming or playing at the water parks. Disney offers a sensible solution for those concerned with their ticket's safety. The most important thing to know when going into your resort's pool or water park, is do not leave your ticket unattended at your pool chair. Unfortunately, people have had their tickets and other valuables go missing when they leave these things at their chair. To make sure that this does not happen, Disney has a waterproof cardholder that you can take with you into the water. This waterproof container can hold your park ticket, room key and other valuable such as money and jewelry. Almost all Disney resorts sell these necklace-style waterproof containers at their gift store. The water parks will also have some for sale. Disney also has designed them to double as souvenirs. You can get a waterproof container that has the name of the water park or resort on it. This is a fun way to allow the protection of your Disney World tickets while still getting a souvenir out of the process.

Once you have kept your Disney World tickets safe during your vacation, you can use your tickets to help you remember your Walt Disney World vacation. Many people think that their tickets are useless once their vacation is complete. This is far from true, however, as you can easily use your Disney World tickets as souvenirs. There are a variety of Disney World tickets available for purchase. At each park you visit, you can get a different kind of ticket. For example, if you visit the Animal Kingdom, your ticket may have an Animal Kingdom motif on the front. The same goes for the other theme parks. Oftentimes, the Park Hopper tickets will have their own images on the front of the ticket as well. If you happen to visit the Walt Disney World resort during an anniversary or special promotion, there might be another image printed on the front of the ticket. This is a good thing as it allows Disney collectors to gather a variety of different Disney World tickets. These tickets are printed on durable laminated paper to not only insure durability during your vacation but also afterwards as well. Many people use the Disney World tickets as an addition to their scrapbooks or other such vacation memorabilia. The durability of the Disney World tickets allow them to be used in a variety of fashions.


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