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There are a variety of Walt Disney World resorts that you can choose from. If you want to enhance your Walt Disney World vacation, try staying at one of the many Walt Disney World Resorts to add a little bit extra to your trip. You can pick your choice from the many Walt Disney World resorts.

The Walt Disney World Resorts are scattered all over the Disney property. They are generally grouped according to the resort that they are nearest. When picking out your Walt Disney World resorts, you can pick them based on location and price. There are four major theme parks that have hotels surrounding them. The Magic Kingdom is the most well known theme park at Walt Disney World. There are four Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World resorts. The Contemporary, the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian and the Wilderness Lodge are your options if you are interested in staying as close to the Magic Kingdom as possible. All of these Walt Disney World resorts are considered deluxe resorts. The deluxe Walt Disney World resort features the best amenities that Disney has to offer. You will have complimentary Disney transportation to take you to and from the theme parks. You will also have various amenities like elaborate pool complexes, souvenir stores, poolside bars, salons, spas and other attractions that are only available at the deluxe level resorts. Because these Walt Disney World resorts are all along the man-made waterway that leads to the Magic Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom resorts will have marinas located on their properties. At these marinas you can rent watercraft including jet skis, paddleboats, pontoon boats and other kinds of boats. If you enjoy boating, staying at a deluxe resort like these Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World resorts is an excellent option.

The Contemporary one of the more architecturally interesting of the Walt Disney World resorts. This hotel features a uniquely shaped tower that is at the heart of the hotel. While there are wings that branch out behind this tower, this center of the resort is what people remember when they think of the Contemporary. You can request a room in the tower while you are making your reservation. The Contemporary’s tower is actually hollowed out to make room for the monorail to run through the building. This monorail connects the Contemporary, the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian with both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. If you stay at the Contemporary you only have to walk up to the monorail to go to either theme park. If you would rather walk to the Magic Kingdom, the theme park is literally right across the street. There is bus transportation available at no charge to you which will take you to the other theme parks and attractions located on Disney property. At the top of the Contemporary hotel is an excellent restaurant that gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the spectacular fireworks display that takes place at the Magic Kingdom. If you want to watch the fireworks from the top of the Contemporary, be sure to make an appointment as this restaurant does fill up.

The Grand Floridian is located across the waterway from the Magic Kingdom. This is one of the more stately Walt Disney World resorts as it has a very formal façade. While the resort is very elegant in its design it is also very fun. The Grand Floridian is themed after Florida at the turn of the 20th Century. While it focuses on Florida, you can still get a British feel to it as Mary Poppins is the iconic Disney character at this resort. You can enjoy a high tea with the lovable governess. The Grand Floridian also hosts a spectacular wedding chapel that has many weddings each year. There is a Disney wedding coordinator on site in case you want to give your wedding an extra Disney flair. The Grand Floridian is connected to the Polynesian by a brief little walkway.

The Polynesian is one of the older Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World resorts. While it is a bit older, it is still a very nice place to stay. This resort features a tropical luau dinner theater that entertains guests with a traditional luau complete with food and dancing. There are also delicious restaurants located at this resort which feature such tropical delicacies as stuffed french toast and Kona Island coffee. The Polynesian also has a stretch of beach that runs the length of the resort. While you cannot swim in the man-made waterways, you can take a nap in a hammock or a beach chair that you can find along the beach.

The last one of the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World resorts, the Wilderness Lodge, is reminiscent of a lodge that you would find around the Grand Canyon. The Wilderness Lodge is seemingly set in a very rural part of the land with a large forested section surrounding the resort. This gives visitors a sense that they are far removed from the hustle and bustle of the other Walt Disney World resorts. While you may seem far removed from the action, you are actually right in the middle of it. You are only a short boat ride from the Magic Kingdom and short bus rides from the rest of the Disney attractions. Whichever of the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World resorts you decide to stay at, you can expect the deluxe treatment combined with a prime location.


There are other Walt Disney World resorts available to you. The Epcot resorts, like the Magic Kingdom resorts, feature a prime location with a deluxe treatment. The Boardwalk, the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, the Swan and the Dolphin are all Epcot resorts. They are literally within a very short walk from the back entrance to the Epcot theme park. These may also be considered as MGM resorts as well being that they are a short walk from the MGM theme park as well. These resorts are located on the waterway that connects these two theme parks. There is a boat that goes from Epcot to MGM and it stops at the resorts along the way. If you do not want to walk to either of the parks you can easily take the boat. There is bus transportation from the resorts to the other Disney theme parks and attractions.

The Boardwalk is one of the truly unique Walt Disney World resorts as it features several night clubs, a sports bar, several restaurants and street performers. Disney tried to evoke the festive feeling of a real boardwalk and they did end up creating a fun, exciting new kind of Disney resort. Located right next to the Boardwalk are the Swan and Dolphin resorts. These hotels are not owned by Disney but, rather, by the Starwood Corporation. This is a top notch chain of hotels that specializes in elegance. Because Disney does not own the Swan and Dolphin, the theming within the resort is a little more understated than at the rest of the Walt Disney World resorts. These two Walt Disney World resorts still have a wonderful shared pool complex, complimentary Disney bus transportation and prime location. Finally, the Yacht & Beach Club Walt Disney World resorts feature the old glamour of a sailing club and the relaxed feeling of a country beach home. These two resorts share one of the most popular swimming pools in the entire Walt Disney World Resort area. This pool has a whirlpool, a sandy bottom pool, a large kiddie pool, a lazy river, a shipwreck that doubles as a waterslide, waterfalls and several hot tubs. This is a wonderful pool for people of all ages and gives visitors a fun glimpse into a Disney water park without having to pay a separate admission.

There are several more resorts that are a little farther away from the theme parks. The moderate level resorts include Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans. These resorts still feature a wide variety of benefits and amenities if not quite as many as the deluxe resorts. While you may be a little farther from the theme parks, the bus rides to and from the various theme parks are still quite doable and not that much of an inconvenience at all. Coronado Springs is a Spanish themed resort that is quite sprawling in nature. The main lobby of this resort features a delicious cafeteria with a variety of interesting and delicious foods. The Caribbean Beach also contains a large food court area as well as a fun pool center. With buildings named after the various Caribbean islands, the Caribbean Beach is a wonderful place to stay at. Port Orleans is divided into two sections, the Riverside and the French Quarter. The Riverside was formerly known as Dixie Landings and resembles old southern elegance and a sprawling plantation style décor. The French Quarter, on the other hand, is loud and boisterous and represents New Orleans in the middle of Mardi Gras. These moderate resorts are great compromises if you want more amenities than a value resort but aren’t quite ready to pay for the deluxe level of the Walt Disney World resorts.

If you are looking for a more affordable approach to picking your Walt Disney World resorts out, you can look at the two value resorts on Disney property. These resorts, the All Star and the Pop Century, are the most economical resorts that Disney has to offer. These are actually many hotels combined into two succinct resorts. The All Star is made up of the Movies, Music and Sports hotels. The Pop Century is divided up into decades. Even though you are paying less for these resorts, however, you are still getting a certain amount of amenities. The good thing about staying at the value Walt Disney World resorts is that you will save a lot of money on your hotel room while not missing out on any essential elements of your stay.

There are other ways to get access to discounted Walt Disney World resorts. You don’t necessarily need to stay at the All Star or the Pop Century resorts in order to save money. If you are looking for ways to discount your Walt Disney World resorts, you can look in several places. The first place to check for discounts on Walt Disney World resorts is the Internet. You can look at the unofficial Disney websites for information on various discounts you can use to make your trip more affordable. There are a variety of discounts to look for. The first is discount codes. These codes are numerical and alphabetical codes that you give to the Cast Member who is assisting you with your reservations. After you give this discount to the Cast Member, your stay will automatically be discounted by the specified amount. Sometimes there are specifications that accompany the discount codes. For example, Walt Disney World has been known to run discounts for certain geographic areas. For whatever reason, the company selects to promote certain states at certain times of the year. If you are a resident of that particular state you can use the discount code to make your stay more affordable.

You may also want to check with any companies, credit cards or the office you work for to see if you can get any discounts through them. Membership organizations like AAA can often supply discounts to its members. You can check on their website or on the unofficial Disney websites to see if there are any special currently being offered from your membership organization. Various credit cards will offer benefits that can go towards the Walt Disney World resorts. Check with your card company to see what kinds of deals they offer. The Disney credit card will also have special discounts for new and existing members. Finally, many businesses and corporations offer discounts to their employees as a thank you for their service. To find out whether or not your company offers discounts for the Walt Disney World resorts, check with your Human Resources department to see your current discounts and benefits. Again, a good shortcut to finding out about these special discounts on the Walt Disney World resorts is to look on the unofficial Disney websites to see what current deals are going on.

The unofficial Disney websites may also have other pertinent information to help you find discounts on Walt Disney World resorts. Occasionally Walt Disney World will offer special deals during their low seasons. The low season comes when school is in session and there are not upcoming holidays. This is when a lot of people do not take the time off work or take their children out of school to go to the parks. The dates of the low season are not readily publicized. Somehow, however, the main unofficial Disney websites always have the dates posted as to when you can get the best discounts on your Walt Disney World resorts. So, when you are looking for good deals on the various Walt Disney World resorts, the best place to check is definitely the unofficial websites.

Just because the unofficial Disney websites are such good resources does not mean that the official website is worthless. There are lots of good deals regarding the Walt Disney World resorts on the official website. Often there are exclusive deals you can only get by purchasing your Walt Disney World resorts package through the online website. Disney typically offers two kinds of discounts when you choose to purchase the hotel online. You may get a discount if you purchase your resort well in advance and you may get a discount if you purchase your resort at the last minute. If you purchase your resort long before you are scheduled to take your trip, you will often get a preferred price on the Walt Disney World resorts. Disney does this in part because they do not know how full the resorts are going to be because it is so far in advance and partly as a thank you for booking so early. You can also wait until the last minute to try and book your Walt Disney World resorts. This is a hit or miss way to book your vacation and requires that you be extremely flexible with your travel schedule. If you want to maximize the discount you can get with the last minute reservations, you must be able to pick up and leave on vacation at an instant. Because not many people can feasibly do this, this is on e of the least used method to get a discount on Walt Disney World resorts. If Disney is having a hard time filling their resorts, they may slash the prices on their rooms. This may be for certain resorts It may be for all the Walt Disney World resorts. Because of the flexibility needed to pick up these deals, Walt Disney World typically reduces the prices quite dramatically in an attempt to draw attention to the special deals. If you are able to travel at a moment’s notice, then this might be an excellent way to book your Walt Disney World resorts.

When it comes time to book your Walt Disney World resorts, you may be wondering what the best way to go about the process is. You have a variety of methods you can use to make sure you get the perfect hotel for you and your family. The most commonly used method of booking the Walt Disney World resorts is through the official Disney website. You can use Disney’s easy to fill out form to pick the right hotel and other vacation elements you want to include in your vacation. You can purchase this vacation with any major credit card as well as a variety of other ways. If you would rather speak to a person, there are options as well. You can call the reservations hotline and speak to a trained Cast Member who can guide you through the process to book your Walt Disney World resorts. You can also visit a travel agent who specializes in Walt Disney World. By choosing a travel agent with this specialty, you can insure you will be getting the best possible deal that you possibly can. With the variety of places to look for discounts, you want to be sure your travel agent knows how and where to look for those special deals that may end up saving you money.

When you book your stay at one of the Walt Disney World resorts, be sure to sign up for the Magical Express. This is a wonderful complimentary service that is provided for those who are flying into the Orlando airport. When you sign up for the Magical Express, you will get luggage tags sent to you. Simply check your luggage with these tags on them and fly to Florida. Once you arrive in Orlando, head down to the baggage claim but do not pick up your bags. Instead, find the Magical Express shuttle lines that will take you to whichever resort you chose to stay at. While you are being driven to the resort in a nice, air-conditioned tour bus, your bags will be picked up and dropped off at your room. This is a wonderful service that eliminates the need to rent a car unless you want to. When it is time for you to leave, the Magical Express will pick you up at your resort and drop you off at the terminal from which your flight is leaving. Disney’s Magical Express is an excellent complimentary service that is available to the guests of the Walt Disney World resorts.

The Walt Disney World resorts are varied in number, style and price range. You can pick from any variety of resorts. Whether you choose your resort based on the price, the location or the décor, the ability to choose between the many Walt Disney World resorts allows you to customize your Walt Disney World vacation.


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