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There are many things to think about when you consider Walt Disney World tickets. You not only have to figure out what kind of ticket you want, but also how to get the best possible deal that you can. There are a variety of factors to consider when looking into purchasing Walt Disney World tickets. Once you know the kinds of Walt Disney World tickets that are available and know what tricks to look for, the process of obtaining your Walt Disney World tickets will be a relatively easy process.

The first step you have to take is to know what is available to you. If you plan on visiting all the major theme parks Disney offers a “Park Hopper” pass, which allows you admission to all four theme parks. If you want to buy a ticket that includes the theme parks and the other admissible locations like the water parks, you can purchase that for an additional fee. If you are just interested in visiting one park, you can buy park specific ticket. These are usually the cheapest tickets as you are limited to that one park. The Walt Disney World ticket prices hinge on the type of ticket you buy and how many parks you want to visit. There are many tickets out there for you to purchase, but you need to find the best one that will best fit your vacation needs. Many people get to the ticket counter thinking they can purchase any ticket and it will be fine. This, however, is not always so. You must be very careful that you purchase a ticket that will satisfy your various park needs. For example, if you show up at Disney’s MGM Studios and purchase a ticket to that park, you are stuck at that one park. If you wanted to go from MGM to the Animal Kingdom, you would have to purchase a new ticket for the new park. If you believe you are going to go from park to park to park, you should probably look into the Park Hopper pass. This ticket is probably the best selling kind of ticket out of the Walt Disney World tickets. With this ticket, visitors can go to as many of the four theme parks as they want. You also have the freedom of coming and going as you please. If you think you might want to visit either of the two water parks, you can add their admission onto your Park Hopper as well. The Park Hopper ticket is the most flexible of the Walt Disney World tickets as it lets you pretty much do as you’d like while seeing the theme parks. If you are fairly positive that you will only be visiting one park each day, you might want to look into the Magic Your Way ticket. This ticket grants visitors admission into one park per day. You can come and go from this theme park as much as you’d like as long as you get your hand stamped as you leave the park. This is the ticket that comes with the base vacation package you can purchase through Disney. The base vacation package includes the Magic Your Way ticket, a stay at a value resort such as the All Star or the Pop Century and a basic dining plan as well. While all the elements are basic, you can easily upgrade the elements if you wish. You can upgrade your ticket, for example, to a Park Hopper pass if you so wish.

You can also purchase a one-park ticket. This kind of ticket will only allow you access to one park. You cannot visit any other parks if you purchase this ticket, unless you purchase an additional ticket to those parks as well. This is a good ticket for people who are making a one day trip to Walt Disney World. If you are staying any longer than one day, it is a good idea to go ahead and spend the extra money on the Park Hopper or, if you don’t want to go that far, the Magic Your Way ticket. This way, if there is another park you want to visit during your stay, you have the right ticket.

You can purchase all the tickets for anywhere from one to fourteen days. These tickets must be used completely within the time frame you purchased it for. You can easily add a no-expiration option to your Walt Disney World tickets. This is a good option if you think there might be any chance you will not be able to use the entire amount of admission on the ticket. Let’s say, for example, you purchased a seven day ticket but only used five days. You still have two days of admission left on the ticket that you’ve paid for but cannot use because the dates are expired. If you purchase the no-expiration option, your ticket will remain valid forever. You can use your ticket at Walt Disney World at a later date. You can also use the ticket at Disneyland. Simply have the Cast Member at the Disneyland ticket counter to transfer your remaining balance to a new Disneyland ticket. This does not cost you a penny and you can use the leftover days of admission on your Walt Disney World tickets. The no-expiration option is an excellent way you can make sure you get your money’s worth out of your Walt Disney World tickets.

You can also purchase an Annual Passport if you think you are going to be visiting the parks on a regular basis. Because the cost of admission is so high, the Annual Passport might be an economical choice for you and your family depending on how long your vacation is for. If you want to purchase an Annual Passport, you can use the ticket for discounts in addition to park admission. When you initially purchase this kind of ticket you will get a small booklet enclosed within the carrying case of the ticket. This booklet has all the information about your new Annual Passport. There are certain amenities such as discounts on food and merchandise. You can generally get these discounts at the large stores at the Downtown Disney shopping center. You can also use your Annual Passport to get special travel deals to Walt Disney World during certain times of the year. You can find these dates listed on the unofficial Disney websites. If you have an Annual Passport, you can easily obtain discounted rooms for you and your family.

You can purchase your Walt Disney World tickets at any of the four major theme parks or online. If you purchase them online, you can choose to either have them sent to your physical mailing address or pick them up when you arrive. If you choose to pick them up at the theme park, you can pick the Walt Disney World tickets up at a variety of locations including the Concierge’s desk or the Guest Relations desk at the theme parks. You can also choose to wait and purchase them when you arrive at the theme parks. There are ticket booths located at each theme park where you can purchase whatever ticket you’d like. The only exception would the water park tickets. You can add admission to these onto your Park Hopper pass if you purchase this ticket at a theme park. Otherwise, you have to visit the water park you want to see to purchase your ticket there. There are several Disney World Orlando tickets for you to choose from. The kinds of Disney World Orlando tickets you pick will determine what exactly you will get to see during your vacation.

There are many ways to get discounted Walt Disney World tickets. Each year the cost of admission to the Walt Disney World theme park rises and more people go looking for ways to make the Walt Disney World tickets more affordable. There are a variety of ways to make your Walt Disney World tickets more affordable as long as you know how and when to look for the discounts.


It is very tempting to go into the souvenir shops located off Disney property that are advertising free or discounted Walt Disney World tickets. Everyone would like discounted Walt Disney World tickets, but the truth of the matter is that they are hard to find. If you should happen to find discounted Walt Disney World tickets, the discount may not be a huge discount, but something more subtle. When it comes to the discount on Walt Disney World tickets, you pretty much have to take what you can get. These off property souvenir shops often have catches. You may have to purchase something else to get your “free” Walt Disney World tickets or you may have to sit through a presentation and buy into at the end in order to get discounted tickets. If this is the case, do not get these tickets. Many times these are tickets that have already been used and are attempting to be resold to an unsuspecting buyer. Occasionally you can find discounted Walt Disney World tickets on various online auctions sites and travel sites like Expedia and Hotwire. You will usually need to purchase an entire vacation package through the online travel company in order to get the discounted Walt Disney World tickets. While you may need to purchase the whole package, this can be a fine way to get discounted Walt Disney World tickets for your vacation.

When you are purchasing tickets off of an online auction website, be very cautious. You must take all the steps to insure that the ticket you are purchasing is in fact a valid one. You will be able to tell if the Walt Disney World tickets that are up for sale are valid by their identifying numbers on the back of each ticket. This number is each ticket’s unique identifying number. Before purchasing the ticket, ask the seller for that number off the back of the ticket. Once you have it, give the Disney reservation hotline a call and have them look up the ticket in their computer system. If you can pull it up and let you know how many days of valid admission are left on the ticket, you can then make an educated purchase of the ticket. If the Cast Member cannot find the ticket or the seller will not give you the identifying number, then do not purchase the online auction ticket.

Discount codes are another way you can get discounts on your Walt Disney World tickets. If you visit the unofficial websites you will be able to see the variety of discount ticket codes that are available for you to use during your Walt Disney World vacation. While these codes are official discounts, Disney often does not regularly publicize them. You simply give the Cast Member who is helping you book your reservation your discount ticket code and they will be able to give you a discounted rate for your Walt Disney World tickets.

Many times, people use travel agents to help them find a good price on Walt Disney World tickets. If you pick a travel agent who goes to Disney World frequently, you will increase your chances of finding someone who can pick out unique deals and rates that are unable anywhere else. Disney also offers a telephone reservation line that you can call and talk with a Cast Member. The Cast Member will help guide you through the reservations process. If you choose to book your vacation through a Cast Member online or on the phone, you can easily do so. Make sure to check with the Cast member to see if there are any cheap Disney World tickets currently being offered. If there are no special deals, the Cast Member will still help you get the best deal possible. The Cast Member might not know about the unpublicized discount deals you find on your own so it’s good to continue to research Walt Disney World tickets even after you book your vacation.

Walt Disney World offers a selection of discounted Walt Disney World tickets including a military discount for Walt Disney World tickets. Disney usually offers the military discount that provides a reduced rate on ticket prices for active duty personnel. If you bring proof of your military status, Disney should be able to offer you the military discount for Walt Disney World tickets. If you are eligible for the military discount for Walt Disney World tickets, Disney will typically apply it to your entire party for whom you are purchasing tickets. This includes children. You can get the special military discount on your Walt Disney World tickets at the Shades of Green store.

It is important to keep in mind that the military discount for Walt Disney World tickets is not a discount that is necessarily set in stone. Sometimes Disney elects not to provide this specific discount. You can easily find out, however, if Disney is currently offering this discount by checking with Guest Relations to see if the active military discount is being offered. Disney will also often offer a discount to all military personnel, both active and retired, at certain resorts. Again, check with Guest Relations to see which resorts are currently offering discounts and what the discounts are.

Disney prices their Walt Disney World tickets differently according to age. Children under ten years of age can expect to get some kind of discounted ticket. There are different kinds of discounts available for Florida residents as well. If you are a valid Florida resident, you can get discounted rates on the prices of the Walt Disney World ticket. Disney will also often combine the discounts. If you are have a child who is under ten but also is a resident of Florida, you can probably those two discounts combined.

Once you know where to look or your discounted Walt Disney World tickets, it’s a good idea to know how to protect them. There are carrier cases you can use to take your park tickets as well as money and other valuables into the water with you. You can find these carrying cases throughout the theme parks and at all the resorts. They are at the water parks as well. You can wear the carrying case into the water so you know your tickets are safe at all times.

The magnetic strips on the back of the Walt Disney World tickets that hold the information about your days of admission and other such things easily demagnetized. Keeping your tickets too close to other cards with magnetic strips such as credit cards, debit cards and even your room key can demagnetize your Walt Disney World tickets. If you carry a cell phone, you should also keep the Walt Disney World tickets away from it when it is turned on. The signal of the phone can very easily demagnetize your Walt Disney World tickets. Many people only realize they’ve placed their tickets too close to something after the fact and their ticket is already demagnetized. If you find yourself in a situation where your Walt Disney World tickets have been demagnetized, you can have the ticket gate attendant or the customer service manager who is on duty fix your ticket. While this is a relatively easy process, it does slow down the line at the ticket gate inconveniencing you and everyone behind you. If you take the proper precautions when it comes to storing your Walt Disney World tickets you can insure that your tickets will remain active and ready to use whenever you are ready to enter the parks or get a FastPass.

Once you know how to store your tickets, it’s important to know how to keep them safe. As stated above, Walt Disney World tickets are a valuable commodity, especially when they still have valid days of admission left on them. People have been known to have their tickets stolen presumably to have them be resold illegally. When you first purchase your Walt Disney World tickets, write down any information you may find on the back of the ticket. There is generally a string of numbers somewhere on the back of your ticket. It is with this number that Disney can pull up your ticket out of their computer system. If your ticket is ever stolen or if you lose it somehow, you can give that number to a customer service representative who can then reissue you a ticket. This is the same process you go through to see if a potential ticket you are interested in purchasing is valid as well. Taking the time to make a note of your ticket’s identifying number can save you a lot of stress and irritation. If you were to lose or misplace your ticket, you can save yourself a lot of money by making a note of the ticket’s number.

Many people choose to continue using their Walt Disney World tickets after their vacation is complete. The tickets are printed in heavy-duty laminated paper. Each ticket has a different Disney character on the front. Some of the parks have their own uniquely themed tickets as well. If you happen to visit the theme parks during a celebration or a special anniversary, there may be special tickets for that as well. For collectors, the designs on the front of the Walt Disney World tickets make good additions to personal collections. You can also add them to a scrapbook to help remember your vacation at Walt Disney World.

You have several options when it comes to your Walt Disney World tickets. You can purchase the best kind to fit you vacation. Whether you go with an Annual Passport, Park Hopper, Magic Your Way or One Day ticket, there are several options available to you. These tickets are designed to help you experience the Disney theme parks in the best, most complete way possible


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