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There are many Walt Disney World tips you can use to help make your vacation more affordable and efficient. If you are looking for discounts or special deals on the various elements of your hotel room, ticket or other travel aspect, there are Walt Disney World tips you can use. If you would rather use these Walt Disney World tips to help you manage your time more efficiently at Walt Disney World, there are tips you can use as well. Whether you are looking for tips and tricks to make your vacation fit your Disney budget or are looking for ways to combine everything you want to do into your trip, knowing the many Walt Disney World tips that are available can help you accomplish your goals.

The primary concern many people have when it comes to planning their Walt Disney World vacation is their budget. Most people are working with strict budgets that allot a certain amount for their food, tickets and hotel rooms. When you are first looking to book a Walt Disney World vacation you may be intimidated by the prices of these various elements. There are many Walt Disney World tips you can use, however, to help make these parts of your vacation much more affordable.

The first part of your trip you need to book is your hotel room. This portion of your stay can be discounted more often than the other aspects. There are three price levels of hotels you can choose from. The value level resorts are the most affordable and they include the All Star and the Pop Century. These resorts, while economical, are still indicative of the excellent hotel quality that Disney offers to its guests. If your budget lets you spend a bit more money on your hotel room, try looking at the moderate level resorts or even the deluxe level resorts. These resorts have a varied amount of amenities depending on the price level and location you choose. No matter which price level of resort you choose, you can still get a couple basic amenities. You will have access to the Disney Transportation system at any on property Disney resort. You will also have various other resort-like amenities at every level of Disney World hotel. When planning your Walt Disney World vacation it is important to keep in mind your budget. If you know how much you want to spend, you can easily pick a price level of hotel to fit your needs.

Some good Walt Disney World tips can let you stay at a higher level resort than you can initially pay for. Check both the unofficial and the official Disney website for exclusive deals and discounts that can reduce the cost of your room. Make a list of the various clubs and organizations of which you are a member. Occasionally these groups will offer discounts to its members. If you are active military personnel you can also get special discounts on your hotel stay at certain resorts. One of the little known Walt Disney World tips is that there is a resort that is exclusively for military personnel. If you are a member of the military you can stay at this resort for a discounted rate than you would at the other Walt Disney World hotels. If you are interested in staying at the Shades of Green resort, you can also purchase discounted military tickets there as well.

Walt Disney World typically offers discounted rates on hotel rooms during the off season. The off season is when tourist traffic is at its lowest. In order to fill as many rooms as possible, Disney will lower the prices on the rooms. This is a great way to get excellent deals on your hotel rooms while also seeing the parks when they are not overly crowded. If you happen to have an Annual Passport, you may also be eligible for certain special discounts. The Annual Passport is one of the key Walt Disney World tips to have. The Annual Passport can occasionally get you special deals on hotel rooms. It can also give you special deals on other aspects of your Walt Disney World vacation such as various dining and shopping options.

There are several Walt Disney World tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing your Walt Disney World theme park tickets. These tickets can be purchased a number of places. You can purchase them online well in advance of your vacation or you can purchase them at the theme park right before you enter. Whichever method you prefer, there are several Walt Disney World tips to consider when you do decide to purchase them. The first consideration is the time frame in which you purchase your ticket. If you purchase your ticket before your trip you may be eligible for exclusive discounts. These discounts are offered as incentives to pre-purchase your ticket and are usually offered through the official Disney website. If you want to pre-purchase your ticket, you should be fine with shopping on the Internet as this kind of discount is generally only offered online. Many people are unsure about shopping in advance for their tickets. There are a couple Walt Disney World tips you can use when it comes to the pick up method for these tickets. Many people choose to have their pre-purchased tickets shipped to their home mailing address. This lets them have their tickets in hand as soon as they enter Disney property. For whatever reason, if they immediately wish to enter the parks they can do so with their pre-purchased ticket. They will not have to wait around in line trying to obtain their tickets. If you wait to pick up your pre-purchased tickets at the Guest Relations desk either at the theme parks or the hotels, you may have to deal with long lines in order to obtain them. Many people choose to go ahead and pick up their tickets in this fashion, however, so as to avoid the chore of having to travel with your park tickets. Whichever method of pick up you choose, pre-purchasing your Disney World park tickets is an excellent way to reduce the cost of your admission.


There are also discounts that can be found on the unofficial Disney websites. These discounts include such things as discount ticket codes as well as special promotions that may not be readily publicized on the official website. The discount ticket codes are special codes that you present at the time you book your reservation. They typically apply to your Walt Disney World park tickets, although they can occasionally be applied to your hotel room or other aspects of your vacation. The discount ticket codes sometimes have stipulations attached to them. They might require you to be from a certain geographic area or have a certain kind of membership with an organization. Whatever the stipulation is, you can generally find a discount ticket code that can be applied to your vacation if you keep looking. You may also be eligible for Disney World discounts merely be being a member of a corporation like AAA. Membership organizations like this one occasionally have discounts as perks and benefits for membership. These discounts generally apply to your hotel room stay and can often greatly reduce the cost of your vacation.

If you wait until you arrive at the theme parks, there are a couple good Walt Disney World tips to consider when you are purchasing your tickets at the gate. There are still a couple discounts you can use if you are eligible for them. If you are an active member of the military you can get a discounted ticket at the Shades of Green store. Florida residents are also offered special discounted rates. If you have a child who is under ten years of age, they are eligible for a reduced child’s rate. If the child is under ten and a Florida resident you may even be able to combine these discounts together for an even more discounted rate.

When purchasing your Walt Disney World park tickets, keep in mind that you can often purchase the tickets for your entire party under one discount. For example, if you are an active member of the military, you are eligible for a discounted Walt Disney World ticket. You can also purchase four more additional tickets for your party while using this discount. When purchasing your discounted tickets ask if this discount is applicable for everyone in your party. It generally is so it is well worth asking as it will often save you some money. These are key Walt Disney World tips to use when purchasing your Disney park tickets.

If you get enough discounts, you can reduce the cost of a higher resort and make it affordable enough to fit your specific Walt Disney World budget. There are a variety of places where you can find these discounts. The first place you should always look for discounts is the official Disney website. You can book your entire Walt Disney World vacation on the website and, therefore, there are often exclusive discounts included on the website. These official discounts generally come in one of two ways. If you book your Walt Disney World vacation well in advance of the time of your trip, you can often get a reduced rate on your hotel room and your ticket as an incentive for purchasing your vacation early. Many people do not like booking their trip excessively early, however, and go for a last-minute, spontaneous vacation. If you are able to take a last-minute Walt Disney World vacation, you may save a lot of money. If Disney is having trouble filling its resorts, it will often offer last minute deals on the hotels and other aspects of your Walt Disney World vacation. Booking well in advance or waiting until the last minute are excellent Walt Disney World tips to help you get a reduced rate on your Walt Disney World vacation.

There are also several time management related Walt Disney World tips that you can use to help make your vacation the most productive it can be. People often arrive at Walt Disney World and realize that there are too many things for them to possibly get done during their vacation. With the right Walt Disney World tips you can make sure you get everything done you want to during your trip to the Walt Disney World Resort complex.

The first thing to do when planning your vacation is to make a schedule. While some people scoff at the idea of scheduling their vacation, it is actually one of the more useful Walt Disney World tips that you can incorporate into your vacation. When scheduling your trip you should plan which parks you want to do during which day. If you want to visit multiple parks during one day, schedule which park you want to visit in the morning and which in the afternoon. By doing this, you create a structure to your vacation. This will save you time deliberating each morning as to the park you are going to visit. Also, if you plan out your vacation like this, you can take advantage of things like the Extra Magic Hours that are available to Walt Disney Resort guests. The Early Magic Hours are blocks of time either before the parks open or after they close to the general public. You can get quite a bit done with the reduced crowds. When you plan out your days you can also plan out where and when you want to eat. This lets you easily create priority seating times so that you can make sure you have a table at the restaurant of your choice. Many people arrive at Walt Disney World and plan on walking into restaurants. Unfortunately, this does not always work as tables get reserved very quickly. With the implementation of the dining plan into the Walt Disney World vacation packages, more and more people are dining on Disney property. This means the restaurants are filling up very quickly.

Another good benefit of scheduling out your vacation is you can make sure you are going to every aspect of the parks covered. You can also allow for time to go back to the resort if you want. Many people choose to wait out the hottest hours of the day in the comfort of their Walt Disney World resort. You can do this by hanging out by the resort’s pool, taking a nap or some other Disney activity. Disney offers several other activities you can do to fill your afternoons. You can go to Downtown Disney and shop or play in the DisneyQuest virtual theme park. You can watch a movie on the gigantic screens at the Downtown Disney shopping center. You can also play miniature golf, spend the afternoon at one of Disney’s two water parks or any number of other things. This is one of the good Walt Disney World tips as skipping the hottest hours of the day will help to reserve your energy. The hot summer afternoons can be very draining, especially if you are not used to them.

If you are visiting Walt Disney World during a busy time of the year, you might be wondering how to escape the crowds. There are a couple ways to do this. First, as was mentioned before, take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. The reduced number of people in the parks will let you a lot of attractions accomplished even if the shows are not running. One of the little known Walt Disney World tips you can use to avoid the crowds is to take advantage of the weather. Rainstorms often plague Central Florida. Several of these storms pop up during a week. If one should occur while you are at the theme park, don’t run for the nearest shelter. As long as there is no lightening, put on a poncho and continue about your day. Many people run for the nearest gift store or even head home to their resort. If you stay in the parks and continue to view the attractions, you can actually get a lot accomplished in the momentary lapse that occurs during and immediately after a rainstorm.

The priority seatings are excellent Walt Disney World tips for you to make use of. You can reserve seating at any of the many table service restaurants located on Disney property. By calling the reservations hotline you can make dining reservations for you and your family. The Cast Member will generally be able to assist you in any dining issue you may have. Should the restaurant of your choice already be full, the Cast Member should be able to let you know what is open and what would most closely fit your dining wants and needs. Some restaurants fill up as soon as they are open for reservations. You can usually reserve a table anywhere from sixty to ninety days in advance. Restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table which is located inside the castle at the Magic Kingdom is one that is booked up within minutes of being open for reservations. If you want to go to a restaurant like this one it is best to call as soon as you possibly can. If you can enlist other family members to call as well, you increase you odds of getting a table at these highly competitive restaurants. People often think it’s ridiculous to go to such lengths to get a table at a Disney World restaurant. Unfortunately, so many people do go to these lengths that you must also do so if you want a table.

One of quintessential Walt Disney World tips that you can use is the FastPass. The FastPass is a wonderful invention that Disney created to help cut down on the extensive stand by lines that were accumulating. With a FastPass you can bypass this stand by line and get into the FastPass line which always takes precedence over the stand by line. To get a FastPass you simple insert your park ticket into a FastPass machine that is located outside of specific attractions. The machine will give you back your park ticket along with a printed FastPass. This FastPass is your ticket into the FastPass line. Simply return to the attraction within the time frame that is printed on the front of the ticket to use your FastPass. One thing to know about the FastPass system is that you can only have one FastPass at a time. You can get another FastPass as soon as the time on your current FastPass comes up. Therefore, to make the best use of your time, grab another FastPass before going back to use your valid first one to make sure you have a FastPass open at all time. The FastPass system is a complimentary program that Disney does for all the park guests. Many people think there is an additional charge to use the FastPass system. This is not true, as everyone can use it as long as you have your park ticket on you. Once you start incorporating the FastPass into your vacation, you will be surprised at the time you will save. You can truly get a lot accomplished with the FastPass system.

You have many Walt Disney World tips available for you to use during your Walt Disney World vacation. You can use the Internet or use your practical knowledge of the theme parks and how they operate to find the best options possible for you and your family during your Walt Disney World vacation. If you use the Walt Disney World tips that best fit your vacation, you will make your trip run smoothly and more efficiently. You may even be able to save money in the process. With the proper Walt Disney World tips, you can have an affordable Walt Disney World vacation where you get everything done that you wish to.


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