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There are many different kinds of Walt Disney World vacations that you can take. For those who realize that they want to take many more Walt Disney World vacations in the future, they often turn to the Disney Vacation Club as a means to save money on future trips. The Disney Vacation Club is an excellent way you can make frequent Walt Disney World vacations and still have all the comforts of home


If you are a fan of Walt Disney World vacations, you are probably interested in the Disney Vacation Club. The timeshare program operated by Disney is a wonderful way you can incorporate regular Walt Disney World vacations into your regular life. You'll see the signs for the Walt Disney World Vacation Club all over the various theme parks and Disney Store nationwide. At the theme parks there will often be kiosks set up randomly around the park with a Cast Member inside to show you the perks and benefits of becoming a member of the Walt Disney World Vacation Club. Commonly referred to as the Disney Vacation Club, this time-share program hinges on a point system. You purchase points when you initially buy into the program. You can either spend these points on Walt Disney World vacations or any of the other sanctioned resort areas nationwide or you can bank them. If you chose to bank your points they will be available in addition to your regular points the following year allowing you to stay at a more expensive hotel or for a longer period of time.

The Walt Disney World Vacation Club is a must for people who enjoy Walt Disney World vacations on a regular basis. This program allows you to stay at various Disney Vacation Club hotels across the property. The rooms that are specifically for Disney Vacation Club members can house anywhere from four to twelve guests and often have a kitchenette, a washer and dryer and multiple rooms. These amenities come in handy when you wish to stay on property for an extended amount of time. The best part of the Walt Disney World Vacation Club is that, with your accumulated points, you don't have to pay for your hotel stay. You only purchase the points. You always have the option of purchasing more points should you want to stay at a higher point value hotel. Or, if you don't mind postponing your Walt Disney World vacations for a year or two, you can bank the points from your Walt Disney World Vacation Club membership and stay at a higher point hotel at no extra cost to you!

Members of the Disney Vacation Club have slightly different housing options during their Walt Disney World vacations, including a personalized Walt Disney World vacation home. Because they are Disney Vacation Club members, they can either stay in wings of the various resorts that were designed especially for them or they can stay at exclusive resorts that only members of the Disney Vacation Club can stay at. Why, you might ask, do Disney Vacation Club members get special rooms? It's because the room is more like a Walt Disney World vacation home. Disney wants to create the feel that when you walk into your Disney Vacation room, you are coming home. To do that, Disney has designed various kinds of rooms that are unique to the Disney Vacation Club. The accommodations can house anywhere from four to twelve guests comfortably. For the smaller parties you might wish to stay in a studio that boasts a kitchenette so you can bring your own food and make your own meals. Or, if you have a larger party, you can stay in what truly does seem like a Walt Disney World vacation home. The larger units can have a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, multiple bedrooms and many other wonderful amenities. These units make for wonderful Walt Disney World vacations as you can incorporate a little taste of home into your trip.

Some of the hotels don't stop there. A couple of the resorts like Disney's Old Key West resort offers bungalow style accommodations. These truly feel like your Walt Disney World vacation home. These bungalows are discreetly arranged along one of Disney's man-made waterways, giving it a private, peaceful atmosphere. You will probably forget you are right near all the action of the theme parks. Disney is excellent at giving your Walt Disney World vacation home a touch of Disney. Because they are often designed for longer stays, the Disney Vacation Club accommodations are usually more elegant or understated as far as theming goes. Don't' worry, however, while the theming might not be as over the top like other resort such as the Pop Century resort, you will still have plenty of Walt Disney World right inside your own personal Walt Disney World vacation home!

When you visit the parks frequently as a member of the Disney Vacation Club, it's always a good idea to know some secrets to make your Walt Disney World vacations all the more interesting. One of the best-kept secrets is the FastPass system. Granted, you will see signs posted everywhere for the FastPass so you might argue that it's not a secret. Actually, despite being well-advertised people are afraid to use it. People usually think there is a catch because it seems too good to be true. Well, there are absolutely no strings attached. Simply insert your park ticket into one of the FastPass machines located near a popular ride and you will get a FastPass. There is a time frame printed on the front of the FastPass. A FastPass will let you come back during the time that's printed on your pass and bypass the stand-by line! It's a free service that Disney offers so you don't have to waste your time standing in the long stand-by line. It's amazing that more people don't use these secrets during their Walt Disney World vacations. The only catch that comes along with the FastPass is that you can only have one at a time. For example, if you get a FastPass for Space Mountain and it lets you come back and ride between 12:00 and 1:00, you cannot get another FastPass until 12:00. A good way to maximize your FastPass usage is to always have a FastPass on you. In other words, make sure to get another FastPass before riding the attraction you already have one for. This will allow you to bypass as many stand-by lines as possible enabling you to see as many things as you can.

Another one of the well-kept secrets of Walt Disney World vacations is the early or late admission to the parks. During high traffic seasons, Disney will allow guests who are staying on the at resorts on Disney property to either go to a park a couple hours before it's open to the general public or to stay a few hours after it's closed to the general public. This early admittance or late nights are termed the "Early Magic Hours" and guests can go through the majority of the park. These extra hours of park time are great because the various parks are generally not as crowded and you can see a lot of attractions during this time. The only downfall is that the live shows are usually not running during the extra hours, but there are still tons of things you can do.


Many people want to check out one or more of the special tours that are available on Disney property. There are tours available at each theme park. The tours are available to all guests and only cost a little bit. There are a variety of tours to choose from. In the past, there have been tours that take you through the backstage areas of the parks where you can see how the park is run. There have been tours that walk you through the parks as they show you neat trivia facts and secret entrances to rides. There have been active tours where you can do such things as riding a Segway around a theme park. There have also been educational tours that take you through various portions of the Disney theme park and providing an educational slant to the information. There is a tour for every interest. These tours are a great way to add a little bit something extra to your Walt Disney World vacations.

If you are a Disney Vacation Club member and take several Walt Disney World vacations a year, you probably want to invest in an Annual Passport. An Annual Passport is the one ticket Disney provides that will give you access to all four of the major theme parks for a full calendar year after you purchase it. This is an excellent ticket to purchase, as it actually is cheaper if you do end up taking several Walt Disney World vacations. Also included with an Annual Passport is several discounts, coupons and other amenities. You can couple these with the discounts and amenities you get for being a Disney Vacation Club member and your Walt Disney World vacations will become all the more cheaper. Of course, you can still purchase the regular tickets as well. If you are only making short trips each time, you might find this method to be cheaper. Most people, however, typically go with the Annual Passport for its versatility and added benefits.

Secrets of Walt Disney World vacations can really help your vacation run smoothly. If you want to get more tips, ask the concierge at your Disney hotel or check with a nearby Cast Member and see if they have any insider tips for you.

If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, chances are you have already seen the parks and are looking for other things to do during your Walt Disney World vacations. Luckily, there are several options of things for you to do during your various Walt Disney World vacations. For those who enjoy a good game of golf, Walt Disney World offers excellent courses, some of which are even on the PGA Tour. There are four full service golf courses you can play during your many Walt Disney World vacations. Osprey Ridge, Lake Buena Vista, Magnolia and Palm are the names of the four 18 hole golf courses on the property. They also offer a smaller 9 hole course called Oak Trail for those that don't want to do a full course.

It depends on whether or not you are staying on Disney property as to the price you have to pay for the tee time. If you are staying at a Disney resort you can often get a special discount on your golf games at these courses. If you are looking to save even more money, they offer special discounts after a certain point in the day. If you are interested in setting up a tee time you can do this at the concierge desk or your resort, in person at the golf course or online. Reserving your tee time online is a good way to insure you have the tee time you want while having the luxury of booking it with the rest of your Walt Disney World vacations. If you don’t want to carry your equipment with you, you can easily rent every kind of golfing equipment at the various golf courses. The golf courses you can rent also come with state of the art GPS systems that let you see the topography and layout of the various holes. If you are a serious golfer, you have many options if you choose to golf during your Walt Disney World vacations.

If you don’t want to play a full game of golf but still want to play a little bit, you can add a trip to the miniature golf courses during your Walt Disney World vacations. There are two miniature golf courses located on Walt Disney World property. Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland both contain two unique and interesting courses. You can rent a club at either of the courses and play a fun and exciting game of miniature golf. Fantasia Gardens is themed after the movie Fantasia and has fun topiaries and decorations that are modeled after the movie. Winter Summerland is the newest miniature golf course on Disney property. There are two courses, one modeled after summer the other after winter. There are several interactive holes that have various sound effects as well as other effects that may surprise you. The miniature golf courses can be good additions to your Walt Disney World vacations.

As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you can also access the various sports equipment rentals that are available throughout the property. Almost all of the resorts that have Disney Vacation Club rooms also have marinas and other sports facilities. The marinas are probably the most popular kinds of sports rentals as Disney has a large man-made waterway system. You can take a boat out on the water and enjoy the day. The rentals are typically purchased in half-hour increments. You can reserve anything from a paddleboat to a jet ski. Make sure when you are piloting your boat, however, that you avoid the Disney Transportation boats that are in the waters as well. Usually your boats will be sharing the same waterway as these larger boats. You can also rent bicycles at a couple Disney Vacation Club hotels. Some, like the Boardwalk Resort which has a whole wing dedicated to Disney Vacation Club members, rent out surreys. The surreys are fun ways to involve the entire family. The sports rentals, no matter which one you choose, are fun ways to add a little something extra to your Walt Disney World vacations.

Many Disney Vacation Club members are interested in the history and lore behind Walt Disney World. You can spend your Walt Disney World vacations hunting down things like autographs, hidden Mickeys and various other things. The autograph collection is a fun thing you can do at all the theme parks. You can purchase a Mickey Mouse autograph book at almost any souvenir store on Disney property. You can also bring your own, if you so desire. You can then take the autograph book to the various character meet and greets that are being held throughout the Walt Disney World park complex. If you hand the book and a pen over to a Disney character, they will sign their autograph. Some characters are rarer than others making the search to find them all the more fun and exciting. This is a fun thing to do if you are looking for a fun, collectible souvenir that can take a while to accomplish. The autograph collection is a wonderful thing for Disney Vacation Club members as they take multiple Walt Disney World vacations and have the most opportunity to collect autographs.

Another fun thing to do during your Walt Disney World vacations is hunt for hidden Mickeys. When the theme parks were designed, Walt Disney’s Imagineers cleverly hid hundreds of Mickey shapes at various locations within the parks. There are several books on this subject, including ones that tell you where all the hidden Mickeys are located. The hunt for the hidden Mickey is a fun one, however, and you may be surprised at all the places they are hidden.

Many people use their Disney Vacation Club membership to take Walt Disney World vacations during specific times of the year. Some of the most popular times are the Christmas holidays and the Food and Wine Festival. The Christmas holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are popular due to the extensive theming, limited time merchandise and one of a kind shows that go on at the parks during the holidays. The Food and Wine Festival., however, is quickly gaining in popularity. This Festival is held at the World Showcase in Epcot and features wine and cuisine from each of the countries in the World Showcase. There are carts set up outside each of the pavilions where you can sample the wine and food of any country on the World Showcase. There is a small charge for whatever food you purchase, but it can be argued that it is well worth the price. One thing is for sure, there are many people coming back each year specifically for the Food and Wine Festival. If you do want to take Walt Disney World vacations during various holidays and special events, you must be prepared to book your trip at the earliest possible moment. All the resorts fill up very quickly during a holiday season but the Disney Vacation Club hotel rooms fill up even more quickly. It’s best to make your vacations for Walt Disney World vacations as early as possible to insure that you get a room at the hotel you want.

Many people think that being a Disney Vacation Club member means that you only take Walt Disney World vacations. This does not have to be so, however, as the Disney Vacation Club actually has holdings around the world. If you want to forgo Walt Disney World vacations, you can visit one of the many resorts located elsewhere. You book these resorts much the same way as you did your Disney Vacation Club property. While venturing off Disney property may be more expensive, you can still use the points you have saved to book your vacation off Disney property.

The Disney Vacation Club is an excellent way to book your Walt Disney World vacations. You can visit the parks multiple times each year and have upgraded rooms at deluxe level resorts. If you are looking for a way to make your Walt Disney World vacations more memorable, you might want to explore the possibility of the Disney Vacation Club. There are kiosks located all around the Disney property where you can get more information about the Disney Vacation Club and future Walt Disney World vacations.


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